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Horn Network Update-December 1998

Posted on behalf of Sen. Charles F. Horn <chorn@mailr.sen.state.oh.us>

Senator Charles Horn
Activity Update #15 - December '98

Corporate Welfare
As many of you may already know, TIME Magazine recently
completed an in-depth analysis of corporate welfare in America.  This
four-part series concentrated on the wasteful incentive practices of
governments to compete for new businesses.  The authors, Jim Steele and
Don Barlett, were able to utilize my web page as a resource for the
articles, appearing throughout the month of November.  TIME can be
reached via the internet at: http://www.time.com.  The articles can also
be accessed through my web site.

In addition, the Economic Development and Interstate Competition
Committee of the Midwestern Legislative Conference has just released its
review of business incentive programs in 11 states.  The report, In
Search of Growth: Business Incentives in the Midwestern States, intends
to help lawmakers determine the value of tax breaks and other programs
used in the name of economic development. Laura A. Tomaka, Policy
Analyst who staffs the Economic Development and Interstate Competition
Committee, wrote the report.  The report contains a brief historical
analysis of policy approaches to business development, as well as an
overview of current incentives and economic development programs.  It
also summarizes each state's tax and financial incentives.  Major topics
covered include: Workforce development; Enterprise zones; Tax increment
financing; Capital access programs; and Tax expenditure budgets.  The
report can be obtained by contacting Laura Tomaka at (630) 810-0210.

Economic Development Study
Our comprehensive analysis of Ohio's incentive programs is
drawing to a close.  I anticipate a final report will be submitted to
the committee by the end of the year.  Our study team has indicated
legislative recommendations will be forthcoming in the final report.

Year 2000 Computer Problem
Recently, State Auditor Jim Petro testified before my committee
to outline results of a recent survey he conducted of local governments
in Ohio and their level of preparedness for the Y2K millenium bug.  As
chairman of the Ohio Senate's committee on economic development and
technology, I believe this problem is a critical one for every level of
government to address.  A summary of the results of Auditor Petro's
report can be accessed through my web site, under the heading
"Technology and Y2K."

Full Cost Accounting
We are currently developing legislation to implement a full cost
accounting system for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Other states have already developed such a system and , as a result,
have provided more accountability to their taxpayers in terms of the
true cost of government services.  This legislation will be introduced
in the early part of January, with the hopes of quick passage and

Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance
Previously, I introduced legislation to allow public employers
the option of self-insuring for workers' compensation.  Currently in
Ohio, private employers meeting certain minimum requirements already
have this option.  This legislation merely grants public employers the
same option.  The legislation stalled in this General Assembly, but I
plan to reintroduce it in January.  We have a number of people, in both
the private and public sectors, who have taken a very keen interest in
this legislation and have done great work to insure its passage.
Information on this bill, and self insurance in general, can be found on
my web site under the heading "Workers' Comp./Self Insurance."

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes for
the New Year.  It is already proving to be an exciting one for us and I
look forward to another year of working with you on these, and other,
important issues.