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Great Lakes Environmental Expo

January 20, 1999

The International Joint Commission
Launches the First 
Great Lakes Environmental Expo

	In conjunction with the International Joint Commission's 1999
Biennial Forum on Great Lakes Water Quality, the first Great Lakes
Environmental Expo will be held at the New Midwest Express Center in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 24-26, 1999.  The Great Lakes
Environmental Expo will provide the opportunity for organizations,
companies, schools and government to showcase a variety of special
projects, new technology, environmental products and future plans to
maintain and preserve our Great Lakes.

	The main focus of The Great Lakes Environmental Expo will be to
provide information and further educate the public on environmental
concerns within the Great Lakes system.  Never before have groups been
given the opportunity to display at an event of this type and scale
which brings together the major players surrounding the quality of our
Great Lakes, the largest fresh water system on the planet.  This event
will also have an emphasis on hands-on activities to showcase specific
projects and environmental technology. 

	Students will play a key role in this 60,000 square foot event.
Special displays will give attendees some insight on what tomorrow's
leaders have to say about the future of the Great Lakes and the efforts
taking place to preserve them.

	For more information on The Great Lakes Environmental Expo visit
our web site at http://www.ijc.org (beginning February 15) or call Chuck
Stoffle, Show Manager, at 519-734-8006.


Contact:	Jennifer Day	(519) 257-6733 or
				(313) 226-2170 ext. 6733