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From:	Vincent Gravez [SMTP:gravez@com.univ-mrs.fr]
Sent:	Tuesday, January 19, 1999 12:48 PM
To:	marine-pests@ml.csiro.au <mailto:marine-pests@ml.csiro.au> 
Subject:	4th international workshop on Caulerpa taxifolia

Dear marine-pesters,

For those who are interested in the spreading of Caulerpa genus in the
Mediterranean sea, you will find informations about the above mention
workshop on the GIS Posidonie web site at 
http://www.com.univ-mrs.fr/gisposi <http://www.com.univ-mrs.fr/gisposi> 
43 lectures and few posters will present advanced research on the phenomenon
(genetic, toxicology, biology, strategy of control, cartographic survey,
etc). The place of the workshop is a nice town in italian liguria, near La
Spezia. Airport Genova or Pisa (for facilities see the web site). 
This workshop is the final meeting of the European Life Program "Control of
the spread of Caulerpa taxifolia in the Mediterranean sea". Lectures and 
Scientific secretariat : gravez@com1.com.univ-mrs.fr

Happy new year 99