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International Conference on Mercury in the Environment - Extension of Abstract Submittals

Posted on behalf of Melba Hensel <melba.hensel@METC.STATE.MN.US>


The deadline date for submittal of abstracts for the International Specialty
Conference on Mercury in the Environment to be held in Bloomington, MN in
September 1999 has been extended to February 15.

The Call for Papers Follows:

Abstracts due January 31, 1999

The Upper Midwest Section of the Air and Waste Management Association
(A&WMA) is hosting a specialty conference on the subject of mercury in the
environment to be held September 15 - 17, 1999 at the Thunderbird Hotel,
Bloomington, MN.  Co-sponsors include the Energy & Environmental Research
Center, the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Pollution Control
Agency, the Water Resources Research Center (University of Minnesota), the
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance,  and the Metropolitan Council
Environmental Services. Cooperating organizations include the Water
Environment Federation and the Central States Water Environment Association.
The conference will be a forum for the exchange of information among
scientists, engineers, managers, and administrators
involved worldwide in the assessment and management of the technical and
health issues surrounding  mercury and its environmental

We are seeking high-quality contributions for both platform presentations
and poster sessions.  Broad areas of interest include health and
environmental effects, measurement, control, pollution prevention, and
environmental fate of mercury.  Contributions are particularly sought
from entities affected by societal and regulatory concerns about mercury,
along with case studies of both successful and unsuccessful
means of addressing these concerns.  Regulatory officials are also invited
to describe the current status and effectiveness of various
regulatory approaches to mercury.

The technical chairs  of the conference, Mr. Dennis Laudal and Mr. Thomas
Brown, invite you to send 200-word abstracts to the following
individuals by January 31, February 15, 1999.

Ecosystem Impacts and Health  Effects  -- Mr. Dennis Laudal, Energy and
Environmental Research Center, 15 North 23rd Street, Grand
Forks, ND  58202; e-mail dlaudal@eerc.und.nodak.edu. (701)777-5138.

Measurement  and Control  -- Mr. Thomas Brown, Federal Energy Technology
Center, P. O. Box 10940, Pittsburgh, PA  15236, United
States; e-mail: brown@fetc.doe.gov. (412)892-4691.

Transport and Deposition  -- Mr. Laudal and  Mr. Brown.

Regulation and Policy  -- Ms. Melba Hensel, Metropolitan Council
Environmental Services, 230 East Fifth Street, Saint Paul, MN  55101;
e-mail melba.hensel@metc.state.mn.us.   (651)602-1072.

For other information, contact the Conference General Chair, Ms. Hensel, at
the address above.