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Interactive Mississippi River Adventure

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St. Paul, MN Februrary 5, 1999

The adventure is on, and you're invited.

In May of 1999, as culmination to a 10-week on-line study of rivers and
watersheds, The Rivers of Life program will embark on a 100-mile round trip
Mississippi Adventure Interactive Expedition, a real-life adventure that
will involve the participation of thousands of students worldwide who are
linked through the Rivers of Life Internet-based program.

>From March 8 through May 14, 1999, schools participating in  the Rivers of
Life: Mississippi Adventure will study local rivers and watersheds while
taking a close look at the Mississippi River during flood season. In a
lively Web-based conference center, discussion of local watersheds will mix
with questions about the Mississippi River under study.

Then, in May, seven student adventurers and trip leaders from Hamline
University's Center for Global Environmental Education will leave from
Dubuque, Iowa on May 2 and head north for a week-long river trip aboard the
Lillie Belle, an authentic paddle-wheel boat designed and built by retired
art teacher Captain Ike Hastings of Freeport, Illinois.

As the expedition explores the river's winding channels and gets to know
some of the people who live, work, and play on the Mississippi, group
members will interact with thousands of Rivers of Life students
participating in the on-line rivers and watershed curriculum.  Team members
will conduct research on student-generated projects, broadcast e-mail
reports, and post updates, personal observations, and photos on the Rivers
of Life web site.  Internet participants will help the expedition team plan
for their adventure, discuss with them their findings while in the field,
and even help make navigation decisions.

Along the way, the team will visit with schools and community members, and
share information and insights about the Mississippi and its watershed.
Contacts will be made with fascinating river characters like Chad
Pregracke, a young man on a mission to clean up the trash that litters the
banks of his beloved Mississippi.  He's cleaned up over a thousand miles of
river bank, and vowed not to stop until he gets it all.  Joining the
expedition online will be expert guests like John Barry, nationally
acclaimed author of "Rising Tide," the story of the devastating Mississippi
River flood of 1927, renowned author and activist Wilma Dykeman, and many
others who know and love the Mighty Mississippi.

During the Rivers of Life on-line course for grades 4-12, the program's
extensive web site will provide interdisciplinary content information,
Internet resources, and online activities. On-line conferencing and live
chat connect students, teachers, and content experts in lively dialogs.
Printed teachers guides offer support for hands-on field-based and
classroom learning projects. Teachers enjoy e-mail and listserv support.
On-line publication of classroom projects motivates students to do their
best work.

Units of study available:

Chasing the Flood: Activities explore the relationship between
precipitation, land use, and flooding. Research includes past and current
floods and their impacts on natural and human communities.

The Steamer Trunk: Classrooms create a "steamer trunk," or culture box that
provides an historical, cultural, and environmental profile of their local
watershed and share it with sister-schools and on-line.

Rivers Through Time: Students take an archaeological perspective in viewing
human impact on local environments.

Energy Odyssey: Activities focus on learning about non-renewable and
renewable sources of energy.

For more information on how to participate in Rivers of Life: Mississippi
Adventure, visit <http://www.onlineclass.com>, call 651-771-3809, or write
to <tbt@onlineclass.com>. To view the Rivers of Life on-line classroom,
visit <http://cgee.hamline.edu/rivers>.

Rivers of Life is produced by the Center for Global Environmental Learning,
Hamline University and distributed by OnlineClass.

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