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The Menominee Forest-Based Sustainable Development Tradition
The Menominee People have long recognized the need for balance between
environment, community and economy both in the short term and for future
generations. Menominee culture and tradition teaches never to take more
resources than are produced within natural cycles so that all life can be
sustained. These traditional beliefs are the foundation of the management
practices and principles of today’s Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE)

Proceedings of the N. American Conference On Savannas and Barrens
The term savanna embraces a variety of related plant communities with
world-wide distribution, occurring across the temperate and tropical
regions, usually in association with grasslands. This community is generally
defined as consisting of open-grown trees, growing as scattered individuals
or in small groves, with an herbaceous, primarily grassy understory. Oak
savanna is wide-spread in North America. This is a total of 67 documents
that are the complete and unabridged Proceedings of this Conference.

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