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New Coastal Engineering Web Pages

New!  Refurbished web pages on coastal engineering!

The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute has significantly
enhanced its coastal engineering web pages.  They now offer a wealth of
information on coastal hazards such as flooding and erosion--and
suggestions for coping with them. 

Here's a sampling of what you'll find:

> Lake level updates and alerts.  Read about some surprisingly low
summer level forecasts for the lower Great Lakes.  June levels are
predicted to be the lowest since the mid-1960s.

> Important information on erosion and flooding--and on obtaining the
all-new Coastal Processes Manual from UW Sea Grant. The manual enables
bankers, contractors, developers, engineers, insurers, realtors,
regulators, and others with a professional stake in coastal development
on the Great Lakes to recognize risks of flooding and erosion.

> Links to data from deep sea, nearshore, and Great Lakes weather
buoys--and other links to information on climate, lakebeds, the ocean
floor and related subjects.
> Announcements of conferences, symposia, etc.  

You can go directly to the site at 


or, from UW Sea Grant's home page, http://www.seagrant.wisc.edu, click
on "Outreach," then on "Coastal Engineering."

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