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RE: Looking for marine biology programs

You may wish to check into The Ohio State University's Stone Lab on
Gibralter Island, Lake Erie.

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> Subject: 	Looking for marine biology programs
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> I have started to look at universities throughout the country that have
> graduate programs in marine-biology!  I was really hoping to find
> school(s)
> in
> the Great Lakes Region that have such graduate programs.  To date, I have
> been
> disappointed with what I have found.
> Does anyone know of any universities in the Great Lakes area that have
> marine-biology programs?   Or are there any universities planning on
> adding
> such programs?   I will not need to start graduate school until August of
> 2000.  Also any information on any programs (marine biology or not) in the
> Great Lakes area that you think might be of interest to me, please let me
> know!
> Thank you very much for your time and help!
> Sincerely,
> Darren