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Potential Consultants Needed - Stream Stewardship Program Evaluation - Cuyahoga River

I am seeking input about potential providers of consultation services to
plan and conduct an evaluation of the Cuyahoga River Remedial Action
Plan's (RAP) Stream Stewardship Program.  We are in the process of
identifying potential consultants/organizations who would be interested 
in receiving a Request for Proposals. 

A little bit of background:
The Cuyahoga River RAP has been implementing two Stream Stewardship
programs in two very different subwatersheds of the Cuyahoga River (Big
Creek and Yellow Creek) in order to increase community knowledge and
awareness of the streams "in their backyard" and to empower local
citizens with the necessary tools to carry out their own stream
protection and restoration efforts.  Elements of our Stream Stewardship
programs include volunteer and public outreach activities such as slide
show presentations, storm drain stenciling, stream clean ups, willow
posting, stream monitoring, festivals and other events, informational
brochures, and other documents.

The purpose of evaluating the RAP's Stream Stewardship Programs is to
assess the benefits achieved from the programs, in terms of community
awareness and participation as well as improving water quality.  In
particular, it will be important for us to identify which specific
elements of our programs are most effective, as well as the
circumstances under which they are most effective (i.e., which elements
work best in urbanized areas vs. which elements work best in rural
areas?)  The aim is to understand what types of programs would be most
effective at raising community awareness and involvement given
alternative circumstances.  We wish to develop a model to guide future
design and implementation of our own Stream Stewardship programs, and
may be used as a guide for other watershed groups.

If anyone knows of any potential organizations or consultants that would
interested in doing this kind of work (and receiving an RFP), please
contact me 
at the number/email below.

OR - if anyone knows of an organization that has done a similar
I would like that information, as well.

Thanks for your input!

Kay Carlson
Program Manager
Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization
(216) 241-2414, ext. 253