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Environmental Achiever Awards

For Immediate Release 3/16/99

Citizens Environment Alliance Announces Enviro-Achiever Awards for 1999

1. Friends of the Detroit River: Humbug Marsh Campaign
For their struggle and progress to protect and save Humbug Marsh in Gibraltar

2. Wellington Street Residents: 
For their successful fight to stop a rock-crushing operation in their

3. Harold Stokes
Life long dedication to the environmental struggle in Detroit and SE Michigan.
Harold has been around the Detroit environmental scene since the CEAís
formation and is a constant participant at political and environmental rallies
and workshops. Harold is also very active politically in the democratic
alliance in Detroit.

4. Faye Langmaid
For her commitment, passion and constant concern for the environment and
endangered green space of Windsor. 

5. Shawn Hupka and Sarah Atkinson
Long-time social justice and environmental community activists, both are now
volunteers with the CEA.. Sarah worked for the CEA in 1990-91. Both have
Southeast Asia and our strong advocates for East Timor independence. They were
instrumental in getting the TWRC restarted. Both are members of the
Social Justice and Ecological Network

6. Rob Spring
Rob has been the CEA webmaster since he joined the CEA. His long hours of
dedication on the web have given the CEA a environmental profile beyond its
region. No one in the area has a web page as extensive as the CEA GreenPlanet
web page thanks to Robís hard work.

Contact:  Citizens Environment Alliance 519-973-1116

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