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GLIN-Announce update

To GLIN-Announce subscribers:

A new email listserv (GLIN-Jobs) has been created to exchange Great
Lakes-related job postings. In the past, job postings have also been posted
to GLIN-Announce. In order to avoid duplicate postings for dual subscribers,
from now on most job postings will only be sent to the GLIN-Jobs list. The
traffic on GLIN-Jobs is averaging 1 posting/day.

To join GLIN-Jobs, address an e-mail message to majordomo@great-lakes.net
with the command 'subscribe glin-jobs' (minus the quotes) in the body of the
message. No subject line is required.

The GLIN-Jobs list was created by popular demand. Other listserv ideas are
very welcome. For a list of all GLIN-hosted email lists, see


Christine Manninen
List Manager
Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, Michigan