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Project Wild Aquatics & Illinois Groundwater

Posted on behalf of Catherine Vojtas <cvojtas@co.lake.il.us>

Illinois Teachers and Youth Group Leader Curriculum Development Offered by
Illinois' Lake County Forest Preserves

"Project WILD Aquatics and Illinois Groundwater: Buried Treasure"

Explore a pond at Wright Woods and then head over to Ryerson Woods for an
indoor workshop.

Project WILD Aquatics is an award-winning curriculum supplement on aquatic
resources and wildlife. Activities are correlated to Illinois state learning
goals. Illinois Groundwater takes your class underground for even more
aquatic learning.

The 230-page plus Project WILD Aquatic Supplement focuses on aquatic
habitats from rivers and streams to lakes and oceans, and wildlife's
dependency on these habitats for survival. The 40 interdisciplinary
activities center on raising awareness and developing critical thinking
skills while examining the many interconnections that comprise these complex
ecosystems. Illinois Groundwater focuses on the value of groundwater and the
human demands and impacts on it. Previous participation in a project WILD
workshop is recommended.

Thursday, April 15
Wright Woods & Ryerson Woods, Lake County Forest Preserves, Illinois
4:30 - 9 pm
$15 ($10 Lake County residents)
Please call 847-948-7750 with questions or to receive registration
materials. Registration & prepayment are required.

Lake County Forest Preserves
Lake County, Illinois