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New Publications from Ohio Sea Grant

New Publications from Ohio Sea Grant

The Ohio Sea Grant College Program based at The Ohio State University produces and distributes many publications and journal articles that are based on Sea Grant sponsored research, education, and extension projects. Listed below are new publications. Please review and forward this list to any appropriate individuals.

Ordering Information: Send your requests to the address below or e-mail your order to publications at cruickshank.3@osu.edu. Include the publication title and the item number. Publications are free unless noted otherwise. If a price is indicated, prepayment by check or money order (payable to The Ohio State Univeristy) must be included. Prices include shipping and handling.

Ohio Sea Grant Publications
1314 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH 43212-1194

For a list of previously published articles request either the "Technical Publications Brochure" or the "Publications Brochure" (which list items for educators and the general public). All materials are free, unless stated otherwise.

Fact Sheets

FS-005 Is it a White Bass or a White Perch? (revised). Fred Snyder, 1999.
FS-077 Education in Ohio Sea Grant. Rosanne W. Fortner, 1999.
FS-078 The Value of Lake Erie Beaches. Brent Sohngen, Frank Lichtkoppler, Mary Bielen, 1999.


B-051 Stone Lab Summer 1999 Course Brochure and Decal. 1998.
B-052 Sea Grant Great Lakes Directory. 1998.
B-053 National Sea Grant Brochure. 1999.

Curriculum materials

EP-088 LAKERS Observe Coastweeks. Rosanne Fortner, Daniel Jax. 1997. $3.00

Journal Reprints

RS-231 Zebra mussels invade Lake Erie muds. Paul Berkman and others. 1998.
RS-232 Population genetic structure, phylogeography and spawning philopatry in walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) from mitochondrial DNA control region sequences. 1998. Carol Stepien, Joseph Faber.

RS-233 Body pool and synthesis of ascorbic acid in adult sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus): An agnathan fish with gulonolactone oxidase activity. 1998. Regis Moreau, Konrad Dabrowski.

RS-234 Tandemly repeated sequences in the mitochondrial DNA control region and phylogeography of the pike-perches Stizostedion. 1998. Joseph Faber, Carol Stepien

Technical Bulletins

TB-035 The steamer adventure and the Kelleys Island, Ohio limestone industry. 1998. Partick C. Labadie., Charles, E. Herdendorf, $12.00.

TB-036 A Cost Effective Trap to Remove Carp and Bullhead from Diked Wetlands. 1998. Todd W.Morrison, David L. Johnson, $4.50

TB-037 Coastline mapping and change detection using one-meter resolution satellite imagery. 1998. Ron Li . $11.00

Public Relations/Newsletters

PR-003 Lake Erie Programs at The Ohio State University: Media Coverage 1998. 1999. $12.00

PR-004 NewsWaves: A Sea Grant Extension Newsletter for Economic Development and Environmental Enhancement. Mary Bielen, ed. (contact the Ohio Sea Grant office for a sample copy).

PR-005 Pen and Ink Prints: Scenes at Stone Laboratory by scientist/artist Dr. John Crites. $250 donation per print (sponsored by Friends of Stone Lab)

Twine Line: The educational newsletter of Ohio Sea Grant, covering isues, events, and research related to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes. Bi-monthly newsletter/$4.50 per year (6 issues).


National Sea Grant Depository
University of Rhode Island-Bay Campus
Pell Library Bldg.
Narragansett, RI 02882
(401) 874-6539
(401) 874-6160 (fax)

TD-073 The Influence of Nutrient Recycling on the Stability of Planktonic Ecosystems. 1998. Rochelle Sturtevant.

TD-074 Developing geographic information system applications in analysis of responses to Lake Erie shoreline changes. 1998. Jung-kuan Liu.

TD-075 Modeling expansion of exotic mussels on Lake Erie sedimanet using geographic information systems (GIS). 1998. Melissa A.

TD-076 Horizontal accuracy assessment of the new generation of high resolution satellite imagery for mapping purposes. 1998. Alexander R. Gonzalez.

Thank you for your interest in our publications.