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Conservation Development listserv

To GLIN-Announce subscribers:

A new email listserv (ConsDevelop) has been created to provide a forum to
share information on conservation development with a focus on projects in the
Great Lakes Region.  The purpose is to exchange information about upcoming
workshops and conferences, promote ideas and support in the plan review
process, share success stories, discuss design techniques and implementation,
submit information requests pertaining to conservation development and
watershed sensitive design practices, and establish a standard set of criteria
on which to base evaluation of new conservation developments.  

This list is most appropriate for developers, builders, conservationists, land
trusts, local government officials and planners, site and city engineers, and
local regulatory professionals. Although geared toward the Great Lakes Region,
others are welcome to participate.

The list also is used to conduct the business of the Conservation Development
Alliance and to make announcements about data and information placed online by
various partner organizations.  Please direct inquiries about membership in
the Alliance directly to Sarah Bennett Nerenberg (SarahTCF@aol.com) and not to
the list.

ConsDevelop is a closed list.  This means that only subscribers can post
directly to the list.  Non-member submissions are forwarded to the list owner
for approval.  Thus it is up to you to police yourself in the appropriate use
of the list.  

ConsDevelop is managed by The Conservation Fund's Great Lakes Office and
hosted by the Great Lakes Information Network: http://www.great-lakes.net
Many thanks for their hospitality. 

**The Conservation Fund encourages appropriate use of this list but does not
endorse the views expressed in all postings.**

How to Send a Message to ConsDevelop
To send a message to ConsDevelop, simply send an email message to
consdevelop@great-lakes.net.  This message will reach all the subscribers to
the list; therefore, do NOT use it to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list
(see below for instructions).

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe
To join ConsDevelop, address an e-mail message to majordomo@great-lakes.net
with the command "subscribe  consdevelop" (minus the quotes) in the body of
the message.  No subject line is required.

If you ever want to remove yourself from the e-mail list, send mail to
majordomo@great-lakes.net with the command "unsubscribe consdevelop" in the
body of your message.

GLIN's mailing list is an automated system called majordomo.  To learn how to
use the system, send a message with no subject but with the word "help" in the
body of the message to majordomo@greatlakes.net  GLIN's majordomo will return
a list of all the commands that it understands.

To speak to The Conservation Fund about the Conservation Development Alliance
or to correct any errors, contact:

Sarah Bennett Nerenberg <SarahTCF@aol.com>
The Conservation Fund                       312-913-9065 Voice
53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1332          312-913-9523 Fax
Chicago, IL 60604