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Hill Update from the Great Lakes Task Force

     The Senate passed S. 507 (WRDA) yesterday (4/19/99).  No changes to 
     Great Lakes Programs from the Committee report (3/23/99).
     S. 507 - Water Resource Development Act of 1999
     As passed by the Senate on April 19, 1999
     Great Lakes Provisions
     101a19             Red Lake River at Crookston, MN
     102b1              Thornton Reservoir, Cook County, IL
     102l               Lake Michigan, IL
     102m               Measurements of Lake Michigan Diversions, IL
     102s               White River, IN
     104u               Detroit River, MI, Greenway corridor study
     104v               St. Clair shores flood control, MI
     104w               Woodtick Peninsula, MI, and Toledo Harbor, OH
     104bb              Oswego River Basin, NY
     104ee              Cleveland Harbor, Cleveland, OH
     104ff              East Lake, Vermillion, and Chagrin, OH
     104gg              Toussaint River, Caroll Township, OH
     104jj              Upper Susquehanna-Lackawanna, PA, Watershed 
                           management and restoration study
     201e2              upper Deleware River basin, NY
     201e3              Mill Creek, Cincinnati, OH
     205                Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration
     206                Beneficial Uses of Dredged Materials
     219                Disposal of Dredged Materials on Beaches
     219b               Great Lakes Basin
     222                National Contaminated Sediments Task Force
     223                Great Lakes Basin Program
          a             strategic plans
          b             Great Lakes Biohydrological Information
          c             Great Lakes Recreational Boating
          d             Cooperation
          e             Water use activities and policies
          f             Cost Sharing
     224                Project Modifications for the Improvement of 
                           the Environment
          2             Control of Sea Lamprey
     225                Water Quality, Environmental Quality, Recreation, 
                           Fish and Wildlife, Flood Control, and Navigation
     302                Upper Susquehanna River Basin, PA and NY
     303(3)             Irondequoit Creek, NY & Tioga County, PA
     305b               Saginaw River, Bay City, MI
     305d               Monongahela River, Point Marion, PA
     316                Nine Mile Run Habitat Restoration, PA
     326                City of Charlevoix Reimbursement, MI
     327                Hamilton Dam Flood Control Project, MI
     328                Holes Creek Flood Control Project, OH
     For more information contact:
     Rochelle Sturtevant
     Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force 
     459 Russell Senate Building
     Washington, DC 20510
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