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April Seiche Newsletter Available

The April issue of Minnesota Sea Grant's Seiche Newsletter is on the Web at:


Articles include:

Great Salt Lake Superior?  Global Warming's Impacts Predicted

	A Sea Grant researcher interprets climate change models and discusses what this
could mean for Lake Superior.

It's More Than Mussels

	Minnesota Sea Grant is hosting the ninth international Zebra Mussel and Aquatic
Nuisance Species Conference in Duluth (April 26-30, 1999).  Find out what the 
conference will feature.

Lake Superior Recycles Its PCBs

	Recycling isn't such a good thing where Lake Superior and PCBs (polychlorinated
biphenyls) are concerned.  Sea Grant researchers have found that Lake Superior 
converts PCBs into fish food instead of burying them in its sediment like 
smaller freshwater lakes do.

Three Inland Lakes Books Available

	If you are interested in waterfront living, having a low impact on the 
shoreland environment, identifying aquatic plants, or learning what Minnesotans 
think about their lakes, have we got some publications for you!

A Nasty Invader--Revised!

	Our free fact sheet about the rusty crayfish has been revised.

..plus information on other staff activities and new products/services.
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Marie Zhuikov (pronounced zwee-cough)
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MN Sea Grant, University of MN - Duluth
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