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Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy

Great Lakes United (GLU) recently published a document, "The Road
to Zero," concerning actions by the federal government and selected
great lakes states that have been taken concerning the control of persistent
bioaccumulative toxicants and virtual elimination goals for the Great Lakes..

The federal review section of this document, which was produced for GLU
by Alex J. Sagady & Associates,  has just been published on 
GLU's web site.    The federal review section discusses actions and ongoing
issues which have occurred at the federal government level, including
various EPA MACT standards, the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative, 
PCB and water quality regulation, effluent guidelines for selected sources, etc.

Many of the developments at the federal level have been discouraging when
viewed from the overall "virtual elimination" goals of the binational toxics
strategy.   [i.e. EPA's poor statutory compliance with MACT standards, 
adverse court decisions, allowing PCB capacitors to be landfilled, etc]

The full report is not yet available on line, but you can start at 

The federal review section written by Alex J. Sagady & Associates is at 

This version online doesn't contain
the footnotes and references of the printed version, which is available from 
the GLU offices.

Eventually, GLU will have the full report, including the Michigan 
section written by the Michigan Environmental Council, online....

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