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Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Web Page

Posted on behalf of Tracy Hill <tracy_hill@mail.fws.gov>

Anyone interested in lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes now has an
     Internet site to access for information www.fws.gov/r3pao/sturgeon.
     The web page is the result of a project funded by the U.S. Fish and
     Wildlife Service-Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem Team.  The purpose for
     the page is to consolidate information from the numerous Great Lakes
     agencies (state, provincial and federal) and colleges/universities
     that are involved with lake sturgeon work.  The web page will serve as
     a centralized mechanism for sharing lake sturgeon information across
     the basin.  It will increase the timeliness of information
     dissemination and should result in accelerated compilation of data
     required for restoration and recovery of this depleted native Great
     Lakes fish.  The page will also serve as a mechanism for educating the
     general public and scientific community relative to US Fish and
     Wildlife Service (Service) roles, responsibilities, and activities
     regarding depleted native species such as lake sturgeon.

     The page currently contains only Service information but is open to
     participation by all parties involved with lake sturgeon in the Great
     Lakes.  Anyone interested in reserving a site on the page should
     contact Tracy Hill at the Alpena FRO.  Dr. Hill has all the details
     for having information included on the page.