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March/April 1999 ADVISOR now online

Learn about lake levels and FY2000 federal funding priorities for the
Great Lakes region in the March/April edition of the ADVISOR, the
newsletter of the Great Lakes Commission. Online at

An overview of the Commission's FY2000 legislative and appropriations
priorities for the 106th Congress, First Session, can be found at
(A full version of the policy statement is located at
http://www.glc.org/projects/congress/strategy/approp99.html )

Other features:

* Great Lakes Day in Washington:  Balancing economic and environmental
issues in Congress

* Great Lakes Basin Program announces 22 new soil erosion grant awards

* New communicators network to address issues and opportunities in
communicating science and to form partnerships on Great Lakes
communications efforts

* Congress urged to waive interest requirement on new Soo Lock

In the AROUND THE LAKES section, learn more about

* Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

* Monitoring on Lake Michigan

* Wildlife-associated recreation

The ADVISOR is available online via the Great Lakes Commission's home
page at http://www.glc.org. For back issues, select Publications,
Newsletters, then ADVISOR.