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Black River Report

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May 11, 1999

Jennifer Day	Windsor, Ontario		(519) 257-6733
John Hartig	Windsor, Ontario	(519) 257-6711
George Espy	Seventh Generation		(440) 322-4187

Public Meeting Provides Report and Recommendations 
on Protecting the Black River

	In a report released today, the International Joint Commission's
(IJC) Great Lakes Water Quality Board and the Black River Remedial
Action Plan (RAP) Coordinating Committee detail 16 conclusions and
recommendations for "Protecting What Has Been Gained in the Black
River."  The conclusions and recommendations were the result of a public
meeting held October 1998 in Lorain.

	The meeting attracted more than 100 decision-makers from all
levels of government, industry, environmental groups, faculty and
students from surrounding universities, and concerned citizens.
Participants learned about the progress attained in the Black River
watershed in recent years; shared and celebrated successes; and provided
advice on required future activities to protect and rehabilitate the
Black River watershed.
	"Although substantial improvements are documented, there is
still work to be done," says IJC commissioner Alice Chamberlin.
"Through this public forum, the IJC and the community-based RAP
Coordinating Committee will focus on new ways to protect the Black
River." Recommendations in the report include: 

!	local citizens focusing on repairing and preventing the
detrimental effects each household might have on the Black River;
!	furthering effort to control point and non-point sources of
!	enacting an Urban Sediment Erosion Control Program to address
storm water management issues; and
!	citizens effectively developing practical monitoring of the
	The public meeting and conclusions from the Black River report
draw attention to the impairments the river has experienced and what can
be done to help protect it.  A copy of the Black River report can be
obtained on the Internet at www.ijc.org or by contacting the IJC Great
Lakes Regional Office at (519) 257-6734.  Information on the Black River
RAP can be obtained by contacting Seventh Generation at (440) 322-4187
or via the Internet at  Ohio EPA at (330) 963-1131 or the Northeast Ohio
Areawide Coordinating Agency at (216) 241-2414.

	The International Joint Commission is a binational Canada-United
States organization established by The Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to
help the two governments prevent and resolve disputes over use of waters
along the U.S. and Canadian border. Under the 1978 Great Lakes Water
Quality Agreement, the Commission assesses progress by the two countries
to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity
of the waters of the Great Lakes basin ecosystem. Additional information
about the IJC is available on the Internet at www.ijc.org.  Additional
information about the Black River RAP and Ohio's other RAP programs is
available at: http://chagrin.epa.state.oh.us/programs/rap/rap.html(.)