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New & Notable on GLIN, 5/17/99

NEW ON GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net>
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This week in Montreal, Quebec: Join in a Great Lakes-St. Lawrence
Featured events include the 1999 Semiannual Meeting of the Great Lakes
Commission (May 17-18), a Seaway Symposium (May 19) to commemorate the
40th anniversary of the opening of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway,
and the 13th Annual International Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Mayors’
Conference (May 20-21).
Take a virtual tour of the Great Lakes Aquarium at the Lake Superior
A new Great Lakes Aquarium, opening in 2000 on the Duluth, Minn.,
harbor, will feature a 120,000-gallon, 3-section Isle Royale aquarium; a
Great Lakes Water Table, which will allow visitors to follow a boat
through the Soo Locks, create sand dunes on Lake Michigan and more; and
a virtual reality submersible trip along the bottom of Lake Superior
from Duluth to Thunder Bay.
Is your community having an Ozone Action Day?
The warmer weather and long-awaited sunshine that often usher in the
month of May also bring the onset of the ground-level ozone season,
which typically runs from May through September. For more information
and daily animated ozone movies for the Great Lakes
region, see U.S. EPA's AirNow <http://www.epa.gov/airnow/> and the GLIN
Air Quality Section <http://www.great-lakes.net/envt/air/airqual.html>.
New web site:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes Regional Headquarters
Superior Surf great lakes surfing site!
This new surfing web magazine documents the quest to surf western Lake
Superior. For additional information on Great Lakes surfing, see the
Eastern Surfing Association, Great Lakes District
<http://www.kacm.com/kacm/ESA-GL.html>, which includes contest
schedules, a surf chat forum, tips on where to surf and many photos.
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Water Levels
New photos and an update on low water levels currently plaguing the
Great Lakes.

For daily updates on Great Lakes web offerings, visit the "What's New"
section on GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net/navigate/new.html>

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