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GLU Annual Meeting

If you are intererested in environmental protection and awareness of the
importance and Great Lakes, we urge you to attend the annual meeting of
Great Lakes United. GLU is an activist coalition of 170 member
organizations from throughout the Great Lakes basin. The annual meeting is
the time representatives from these organizations gather to set policy,
organize the advocacy agenda and elect a new Board of Directors. The agenda
is always full of dynamic presentations and great discussions. Be there in
Hamilton at McMaster University on June 11-13. For more information visit
the GLU website at www.glu.org or call 716-886-0142.

GLU Annual General Meeting

Friday, June 11

3:00 field trips
Red Hill Valley hike: Don McLean, Friends of Red Hill Valley, free
Hamilton Harbour boat tour: Ken Hall, Hamilton Harbour  RAP, free
Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise tour:  John Hall, Hamilton
	Harbour RAP Fish and Wildlife Restoration Project, free

7:30 plenary presentations
Corporate Power on the Rise, Government Effectiveness in Decline
	Joyce McLean, Toronto Hydro
	Alden Lind, Conservation Legacy Alliance
The Corporate Agenda: Water for Profit, Not for People
	Tony Clarke, Polaris Institute and International Forum on Globalization

9:00 Get-acquainted activities and reception

Saturday, June 12

7:30	Breakfast with optional topic tables
Consider sitting with people discussing topics of interest to you.

8:30 First Nations welcome
First Nations traditional address: Arnie General, Haudenosaunee  elder

9:00 Plenary Overview: works in progress
Overview of Great  Lakes United program activities

10:30	Break

10:45	Concurrent sessions i:  Great Lakes issues

Habitat and Biodiversity
Current management of basin natural  resources is putting our natural
heritage in jeopardy. What can be done differently?
Public forest management: Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch
Fisheries management: Tom Gorenflo, Chippewa-Ottawa Tribal Fisheries
Management Authority (invited)
Watershed and wetlands protection: Mark Heaton, Ontario Streams

Sustainable Waters
What has happened since last summer’s attempt to export Lake Superior water
to Asia? What are the current diversion, export, and trade threats to Great
Lakes surface and ground waters?
Trade impacts: Barry Appleton, Appleton & Associates
Water services privatization:
	Morna Ballantyne, Canadian Public  Employes Union
	George Hasiotis, Erie County (New York) Water Authority
Water diversions: Elaine Marsh, Ohio Greenways

Toxic Substances
It has been 27 years since the signing of the Great Lakes Water Quality
Agreement and we have made much progress.  What are the pollution issues
facing us now in the Great Lakes?
Toxic release trends:
	Mark Winfield, Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy
Radionuclide contamination: Ziggy Kleinau, Citizens for Renewable Energy
Pesticides: Janet May, Toronto Environmental Alliance
State of the cleanup: Lynda Lukasik, Bay Area Restoration Council

12:30	Lunch and break

2:30 Great Lakes United annual business meeting i
Board nominations and member group announcements

3:00 Concurrent Sessions ii: Great Lakes opportunities
Policy initiatives and/or basin networking strategies will be presented and
thoroughly discussed by all attendees. Task force agendas and policy
resolutions will then be designed for Sunday morning voting by the
membership.  Refreshments will be provided at 4:15.

Toward a Great Lakes Habitat Protection Plan
Should Great Lakes citizens call for a U.S.-Canada habitat protection
agreement? The session will identify this and other mechanisms to support
the protection and restoration of Great Lakes native ecosystems
Forestry: Lara Ellis, Wildlands League
	Randy Eshenroder, Great Lakes Fishery Commission (invited)
Inshore aquatic habitat:
	Rachel Martin, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Sustainable Waters
Strategies for protecting local and regional water supplies run from rain
barrels to international treaties.  Find out who is doing what and where
you and your local community fit in.
Water conservation: John Jackson, Great Lakes United, and Tim Eder,
National Wildlife Federation
Diversions and exports:
	Sarah Miller, Canadian Environmental Law Association

Clean Production
Promoting clean production and products in the Great Lakes basin
Lessons from Europe—Extended Producer Responsibility:
	Beverley Thorpe,Clean Production Action
Community-supported agriculture:
	Sue Mihalyi, Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
	Mark Muller, Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy
Green Car” campaign: Charles Griffith, Ecology Center of Ann Arbor
Prevent Cancer” campaign: Jim Mahon, Canadian Autoworkers

5:30 Break

7:00 Barbecue dinner, John Manty Award, live classical guitar music

9:00 Party with live flamenco-salsa music

Sunday, June 13

7:30 Breakfast with optional topic tables

8:30 Welcome by local activists

9:00 great lakes united annual business meeting ii
Treasurers’ and executive director’s reports and board elections

10:00 	Break

10:15	Plenary: Great Lakes strategizing
Report out from task force strategy sessions, vote on policy resolutions,
discussion of upcoming strategic opportunities
Great Lakes Weeks in Washington and Ottawa:
	Emily Green, Sierra Club Great Lakes Program
IJC 10th biennial: Reg Gilbert, Great Lakes United
Canada-Ontario Agreement,Canada Great Lakes Action Plan , and U.S.-Canada
review of  the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement:
John Jackson, Great Lakes United

12:00	Adjourn

Jack Manno
Great Lakes Research Consortium
24 Bray Hall
Syracuse, NY  13210
315-470-6816 (work)
315-422-9633 (home)
315-470-6970 (fax)