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Spring Issue of IJC's Focus Available

Focus Newsletter Now Available
The Spring issue of the IJC's Focus newsletter is now available on the
Web at: 


New Format
In an effort to keep you up to date, while using our resources more
efficiently, the IJC will highlight its activities with a new, more
concise format of Focus published four times per year.  The format is
Internet friendly and easy to read on your computer screen.  

Tired of Paper
If you prefer to get Focus electronically, subscribe to IJC Announce
below and please ask us, via e-mail mailto:commission@windsor.ijc.org to
end your paper subscription if you get one.  A direct link to each new
issue of Focus will be e-mailed to you.  

IJC Announce!
To receive frequent updates on IJC activities via e-mail and link
directly to the full text of new IJC documents and important
announcements, subscribe to IJC Announce.