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GLIN IJC Environmental Expo

Posted on behalf of Fred Stride <fstride@kos.net>

Attention All Great Lakes workers and GLIN-Announce subscribers:

Here is an international opportunity to showcase your work --  the upcoming
International Joint Commission's (IJC) Environmental Exposition the the
September 23-26, 1999 IJC Bi-annual Meeting in Milwaukee.

The Environmental Exposition is new...and exciting.  It is 60,000 square
feet of exhibit space to display the Great Lakes actions and activities of
stakeholders and groups. It is a chance to profile your programs and people,
highlight your successes, exchange ideas, expand your networks, renew your
commitment and secure new supporters for your work. You will want to part of
the Expo event.

I am part of the team organizing the Environmental Expo.  My job is to
locate groups interested in adding or sponsoring displays.

The theme of the entire IJC meeting is "Partnerships for Progress".  It is a
timely theme.  The meeting agenda is full of partnership ideas.

The objectives of the Environmental Expo include --
- showcasing cleanup projects from all around the Great Lakes
- building strength and momentum by emphasizing that everyone is working on
cleanup projects
- highlighting new technologies and innovative partnerships
- transferring knowledge and skills
- encouraging new actions
- bringing together all stakeholders (NGOS, industry, governments, First
Nations, grassroots doers) in one forum to exchange viewpoints and establish
stronger networks
- showing the "substance" (ie, projects) for policy statements such as
- renewing cleanup efforts
- securing new opportunities
- demonstrating difficulties in making things happen

Your work is vital...today's action sustain quality tomorrow.

The Expo will include displays of complicated technologies and
unsophisticated shoreline tree plantings side-by-side...showing everyone's
commitment and partnership.  There is also a strong educational
component...hands-on areas for youth and "the ever-young stakeholders" to
learn more about the Great Lakes.

An exhibit highlighting the work of the your group -- your capabilities and
people, successes and lessons learned, outreach and Mission, partnerships
and future plans -- would be a welcomed and valued asset.

The International Joint Commission web site is www.ijc.org (visit the
Environmental Expo page) or call Chuck at 1-888-336-0357 for more
information.  I strongly encourage you and your group to contact the IJC and
learn more about the exciting Environmental Expo. The site includes meeting
agenda and the Exhibitor Prospectus including potential costs for renting
exhibit space.

Another option is contacting me directly.  I would be pleased to describe
the Expo and discuss your group's possible involvement.

Thanks for making the lakes great.

Fred Stride

P.S. I hope you will come to share with us...your partnership adds to our

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