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GLIN==>> Keep Indiana's Gaming Boats Cruising!

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With the advent of dockside gaming in Illinois, several public officials are
mounting a campaign to change Indiana state law allowing gambling vessels to
remain dockside. As a result, the safety of passengers will be compromised
and hundreds of marine crews will be layed off.

Regarding Safety:

Each vessel is certified and inspected by the United States Coast Guard to
insure that safety, above all else, exists in every aspect of the vessel's
operation. If the casinos are allowed to operate without maintaining a
Certificate of Inspection, the vessel will no longer be subject to quarterly
and annual safety inpections administered by the USCG. These inspections not
only ensure the vessel's operating performance, but also tests the crew's
ability to effectively respond to and control any emergency that may occur

Regarding Lay-offs:

The riverboat casino industry has been lobbying the legislature since
inception to do away with mandatory cruising, allowing the casinos to get
rid of the entire marine department required to be onboard at all times.
This would save money by reducing their payroll costs. The casinos claim
that, with Illinois' new gaming legislation, an uneven playing field has now
been established. This is due to the fact that Illinois boats no longer have
to spend money on the operational costs of running a vessel. In their public
statements, casino owners fail to mention that nearly 600 mariners will lose
their jobs when the vessels go dockside.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this matter. It is very important to
me and my fellow mariners working onboard the Riverboat Casinos.