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GLIN==>> looking for old MAPs of Lake Huron/surrounding area

Posted on behalf of Betty-Lou Beyer <blbeyer@planet.eon.net>

I'm hoping that you will be able to either help me or provide some direction
in my quest.

I'm looking for old MAPs on Lake Huron and surrounding area, specifically
Port Franks, Lampton County or Bosanquet Township.

I'm not sure if they would be in a Library or with a Government Agency.

I believe that at one time there was either a Kings or Queens Highway
running at waters edge, and would like information on this.

Information that I have from the Old Timers indicates that a company called
Canada Company Surveyor's owned by a Judge Jones surveyed either the
Highway and\or surrounding area.  The timeframe I'm given is 1940's to

Any information and/or direction you can supply would be greatly