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GLIN==>> June 15 meeting re: gauging station removal

Reminder...your comments could make the difference!
On June 15 from 1-4 p.m. several officials from the NOAA/National Ocean
Service will be visiting the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab in
Ann Arbor to discuss the proposed closing of 13 Great Lakes water level
gauging stations.

Ted Lillestolen, NOS deputy director, will be present with two of his
associates. They are interested in developing partnerships with the
users of the water levels data and the larger Great Lakes community.
This will be an excellent opportunity for the Great Lakes constituency
to have its voice heard on this issue. Your input is encouraged!

If you cannot attend the June 15 meeting and would like to submit
comments, please send to Dr. Michael J. Donahue, Great Lakes Commission,

400 Fourth St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103; fax 734-665-4370; or email

The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory is located at 2205
Commonwealth Blvd. in Ann Arbor, Mich. Contact Barbara Wrenn or Frank
Quinn at (734) 741-2254/2255 if detailed directions are needed.

During calendar year 1999, NOAA's National Ocean Service is proposing
elimination of 13 of 49 water levels gauging stations currently
maintained by NOAA on the Great Lakes. According to NOAA, the remaining
36 stations will be upgraded with modern gauges. Partnership
arrangements for specific stations scheduled for removal are possible
with the appropriate federal, state and local agencies. A May 1999
report, prepared by NOAA's NOS Center for Operational Oceanographic
Products and Services, documents the two-year decisionmaking process
that resulted in this decision.

The stations set to be closed are:

**Station/location, state, beginning of record**

Alexandria Bay/St. Lawrence River, NY,  1983
Olcott/Lake Ontario, NY,  1967
Sturgeon Pt./Lake Erie, NY,  1969
Erie/Lake Erie, PA, 1958
Fermi/Lake Erie, MI,  1963
Fort Wayne/Detroit River, MI,   1901
St.Clair Police/St. Clair River, MI,  1944
Dry Dock/St. Clair River, MI,  1899
Mouth of the Black River/ St. Clair River, MI,  1901
Dunn Paper/St. Clair River, MI,  1955
Lakeport/Lake Huron, MI,  1955
Essexville/Lake Huron, MI,  1953
Kewaunee/Lake Michigan, WI,  1974