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GLIN==>> New & Notable on GLIN, 6/16/99

NEW ON GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net>

Great Lakes webcams!
A collection of live images of the lakes or specific locales.
New sites of interest:

IJC Biennial Forum and Environmental Expo
On Sept. 24-26, 1999, Milwaukee, Wis., will host the International Joint
Commission's 1999 Biennial Forum on Great Lakes Water Quality and the
first-ever Great Lakes Environmental Expo. Special events will include a
Student Congress <http://www.ijc-milwaukee.org/studentcongress/>,
involving elementary through high school students from around the Great
Lakes basin. Register now!

Great Lakes Commission
Newly redesigned site features an issue-oriented menu and seasonal
images of the Great Lakes, courtesy of professional photographers John
and Ann Mahan.
New email list: smartgrowth-washtenaw

Provides a networking and information sharing opportunity for those
activists and citizens in Washtenaw County, Michigan, and elsewhere who
are concerned about uncontrolled growth and urban sprawl.
American Heritage Rivers in the Great Lakes region
The American Heritage Rivers Initiative, established by an Executive
Order in September 1997, is a program to help communities restore and
revitalize waters and waterfronts.
Learn more about these AH designated rivers in the Great Lakes states:

Cuyahoga River http://www.epa.gov/rivers/98rivers/cuyahoga.html
Detroit River http://www.epa.gov/rivers/98rivers/detroit.html
Hudson River http://www.epa.gov/rivers/98rivers/hudson.html
Potomac River http://www.epa.gov/rivers/98rivers/potomac.html
Upper Mississippi River
Susquehanna/Lackawanna rivers

For daily updates on Great Lakes web offerings, visit the "What's New"
section on GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net/navigate/new.html>

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