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GLIN==>> New Lake Huron Website

Posted on behalf of Martha Waszak <WASZAKM@STATE.MI.US>

There is a new and exciting web site addressing Lake Huron issues.  The
attached note describes the site and details instructions for accessing the
home page.  Please let us know if you like it and what you might like to see
included on it in the future.
Michigan Office of the Great Lakes and EPA-Great Lakes National Programs
Office have developed a new web site for Lake Huron.  To access the site you
can go to www.deq.state.mi.us/ogl/huron.html or
www.epa.gov/grtlakes/huron.html.  The site provides access to information on
the Lake Huron Initiative; the Lake Huron Programs, Projects and Research
report; Lake Huron Remedial Action Plans updates (both U.S. and Canadian);
physical characteristics and bathymetry map; fish community objectives for
Lake Huron; Lake Huron fish consumption advisories and other Lake Huron

The Michigan Office of the Great Lakes recently released the draft Lake
Huron Initiative Report regarding Lake Huron Use Impairments/Critical
Pollutants and Fish and Wildlife Habitat/Biodiversity.  These issues were
identified as high priority at a recent Lake Huron workshop.  The report can
be found on the Lake Huron web page.  The Michigan Office of the Great Lakes
is seeking comments on this draft report.  If you have comments, please
contact Jim Bredin at 517-335-4232 or bredinj@state.mi.us or fax them to

Anyone interested in working with the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes and
EPA-Great Lakes National Programs Office on the Lake Huron Initiative should
contact Jim.  The focus of the Initiative will be to identify
action-oriented efforts necessary to restore and protect Lake Huron and then
seek resources for implementation.

Also, if you have additional sites that you would like linked to the Lake
Huron web site, please contact Jim.