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GLIN==>> USEPA-GLNPO Request for Proposals - Biotic Index (closes 8/9/99)

USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is
requesting proposals for the development and calibration of a
multi metric index applicable to the open water plankton
communities of the Great Lakes.   The metrics would be similar
to those employed in the Index of Biotic Integrity, but based on
phytoplankton and zooplankton data, that will provide Great
Lakes stakeholders with a more easily understood and uniform
assessment of the health of the open water community.  The
index should include, as a minimum, metrics assessing
community structure (e.g. taxa richness and relative abundance),
taxonomic composition (e.g. sensitivity of taxa, presence of exotic
species) and biological processes (e.g. functional groups). 
GLNPO has a long-term data set which extends from 1986 or
earlier, to the present, and includes genus to species level data
for the zooplankton and phytoplankton of Lakes Ontario, Erie,
Huron and Michigan, along with size measurements.  The
samples come from the spring (April-May) and summer
(August-September) surveys of offshore stations of the lakes. 
The offshore is not strictly defined but is, in general, the area of
the lake at or deeper than the mean depth.  We realize that
selection of reference sites or conditions may be difficult, and
look forward to creative solutions to this concern.  GLNPO
scientists will assist in providing and discussing data, and may
work cooperatively with the principal investigator during period of
the study.  Ship time aboard the R/V Lake Guardian could be
made available to the principal investigator for purposes directly
related to the study.

Project Period and Amount.  Up to 2 years and $200,000. 

Eligibility.  State pollution control agencies, federal agencies,
interstate agencies, other public or nonprofit private agencies,
institutions, organizations, and individuals are eligible; "for-profit"
organizations are not.

Additional information.  The URL for the full text of this RFP is: 
http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/fund/ibirfp.htm.  Applicants seeking
additional information regarding the project may contact Glenn
Warren at (312) 886-2405 or via e-mail at

Deadline.  The deadline for receipt of proposals in August 9,
1999.  All proposals will be reviewed, and the successful
applicant notified by September 10, 1999.