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GLIN==>> Request for Proposals - Biotic Index /Great Lakes USEPA contacts

Posted on behalf of Pranas Pranckevicius <pranckevicius.pranas@epa.gov>

(1) Request for Proposals - Biotic Index (closes 8/9/99).
USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is requesting proposals
for the development and calibration of a multi metric index applicable to
the open water plankton communities of the Great Lakes. The metrics would be
similar to those employed in the Index of Biotic Integrity, but based on
phytoplankton and zooplankton data, that will provide Great Lakes
stakeholders with a more easily understood and uniform assessment of the
health of the open water community.

Applicants seeking additional information regarding the project may contact
Glenn Warren at (312) 886-2405 or via e-mail at warren.glenn@epa.gov.

(2) The Great Lakes National Program Office staff contacts and experts
listing was updated.

Pranas Pranckevicius
USEPA - Great Lakes