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GLIN==>> New USGS Report: "Status and Trends of the Nation's Biological Resources"

*** On June 17, USGS released a comprehensive ecological "State of the
Nation" report. The 1,000-page,  peer-reviewed "Status and Trends of the
Nation's Biological Resources" combines current and historical
information. Vol. 1 covers general factors affecting biological
resources. (Land use, water use, and non-native species are having the
greatest impact.) Vol. 2 covers 14 regions in and near the U.S.: the
Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, Caribbean Islands, Mississippi River,
Coastal Louisiana, Grasslands, Rocky Mountains, Great Basin-Mojave
Desert, Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and
Hawaii/Pacific Islands. Limited free copies of the printed book and
forthcoming (July) searchable CD-ROM available to media: Catherine
Haecker, USGS, 703-648-4283.

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