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GLIN==>> 1999 Lake Erie Photography Contest

Posted on behalf of Debbie Katterheinrich<debbie.katter@web.epa.state.oh.us>


July 2, 1999

Ohio Lake Erie Office
One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor
Toledo, Ohio  43604-1866
Phone: 419/245-2514
Fax:  419/245-2519

Contact: Debbie Katterheinrich, Public Information Specialist


Capture the Picturesque Scenes of Ohio's Lake Erie
and Enter the 1999 Amateur Photography Contest

TOLEDO, OH -  Ohioans of all ages enjoy capturing the special scenes of
Lake Erie and its shoreline on film.  The Ohio Lake Erie Office's amateur
photography contest is the perfect way to showcase your pictures and be
eligible to win great prizes. The July 31, 1999, contest deadline is
drawing near, so send in your slide submissions today.

The 8th Annual Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest is designed to encourage
participants to visit the shorelines of Lake Erie to take pictures and
develop a greater appreciation of the lake.  Five grand prize winners will
be selected, along with eight honorable mention winners.  Each of the grand
prize winners will be awarded a $100 cash prize, and honorable mention
winners will receive photography-related prizes valued at $50 each.

Contest participants can enter a maximum of two slides in any or all of the
following categories: natural resources, recreation, commerce and
transportation, life on Lake Erie, and a special category - winter scenes.
A special category is featured each year.  All entries must be submitted
in slide form and accompanied by a completed entry form.  All photos taken
between September 1, 1998, and July 31, 1999, are eligible.

The 1999 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest is open to amateur photographers
of all ages.  All entries become the property of the Ohio Lake Erie Office
and are used for educational, promotional and informational purposes.  The
photo contest is part of Ohio's Coastweeks program, the state's annual
premiere celebration of Lake Erie and its shoreline sponsored by the Ohio
Lake Erie Commission through the Ohio Lake Erie Office.  Coastweeks, which
features a variety of recreational, educational, and environmental events
along Ohio's Lake Erie shoreline, will be held August 28 through September
26, 1999.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is comprised of the directors of the Ohio
Environmental Protection Agency, and the departments of Natural Resources,
Transportation, Development, Health and Agriculture.  The Commission was
established for the purpose of preserving Lake Erie's natural resources,
protecting the quality of waters and the ecosystem, and promoting economic
development of the region.

All photo contest entries must be received at the Ohio Lake Erie Office by
5 p.m. on Friday, August 6, 1999.  The 1999 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest
winners will be announced at the Commission's 8th Annual Ohio Lake Erie
Conference on September 1, 1999, at Bowling Green State University's
Firelands Campus in Huron.

To receive a photo contest brochure and entry form or for more information
on Ohio's Coastweeks, contact the Ohio Lake Erie Office, One Maritime
Plaza, Toledo, OH 43604-1866, email: oleo@www.epa.state.oh.us, or phone:
419/245-2514.  Photo contest rules and entry forms are also available on
the Ohio Lake Erie Commission's Web site at www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo/