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GLIN==>> Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 5 July 1999

(State-by-State Summaries, Data Tables)
     The Northeast-Midwest Institute on Thursday, July 8, is holding a
press conference to release 25 YEARS IN THE NORTHEAST-MIDWEST.  The
87-page report reviews and analyzes demographic and economic trends in
the region and its 18 states since 1975.

     The press conference will begin on THURSDAY, JULY 8, AT 10:00 AM
IN ROOM HC-8 OF THE U.S. CAPITOL.  The available report includes 25
data tables with state-by-state information for all 50 states, and
individual summaries for each of the region's 18 states.

     The report finds that the Northeast-Midwest's economic growth
exceeded its population growth even as the region shifted from a
manufacturing to a service base during the past 25 years, but an
increasing percentage of the region's population has joined the labor
force, and income inequality between the region's top and bottom wage
earners has increased.

     "Put simply, a growing and disproportionately large share of the
Northeast-Midwest's population is working, and these residents are
working harder to stay in place," said Paula Duggan, an Institute
senior policy analyst and author of the report.

     CONTACT:  Paula Duggan at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (544-
5200), or press calls to Lani Sinclair (301/270-9347).

     Senators Jim Jeffords (R-VT) and Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY),
co-chairs of the Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition, in mid-July will
introduce the Small Business Brownfields Redevelopment Act of 1999. 
This legislative initiative seeks to link the Small Business
Administration's successful loan guarantee and community development
corporation programs directly to specific brownfield financing needs. 
All Northeast-Midwest Coalition senators are urged to become original

     CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-0606). 

     The Senate Smart Growth Task Force on Monday, July 12, will host
a briefing by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) about
that group's vision for smart growth.  NAHB representatives will
discuss their new publication, BUILDING BETTER PLACES TO LIVE, WORK,
AND PLAY.  The briefing on July 12 will begin at 2:00 pm in room 430
of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

     CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-0606).

     As Congress goes into a one-week recess, the Senate
Appropriations Committee has passed 11 of its 13 bills, while its
House counterpart has approved five.  The full Senate has endorsed
seven appropriation bills -- Defense, Legislative Branch, Military
Construction, Energy and Water, Treasury-Postal, District of Columbia,
and Foreign Operations -- and the full House has approved three -- 
Agriculture, Legislative Branch, and Transportation.  The Fiscal 2000
Appropriations Table (http://www.nemw.org/news.htm#table1) highlights
the status of several programs important to the region.  Also listed
are the updated House 302(b) allocations
(http://www.nemw.org/news.htm#table2); note that although the
Interior panel obtained a substantial boost, several of the other
subcommittees with low initial allocations (i.e., Labor-HHS, VA-HUD)
did not receive any increases, highlighting the difficulty those bills
may have in obtaining support.