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July 5, 1999

Great Lakes Basin Publications 
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June Web hits up - Are We Marketing your Club's activities?

Web stats for the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council's web site http:www.great-lakes.org for the month of June totaled 109,316 hits, up 64% over  June '98 and up 42% YTD. Are you taking advantage of this exposure to market your club's activities on the Internet?

Are you taking advantage of the free information offered on our 400+ pages and over 2,000 links?  Use our Index button on our home page to help you browse our award-winning  site.

Do we have your tournaments, sport shows and club profiles? These are great opportunities to get some free publicity and market your association's  activities on the Internet.  Our tournament page  is at http://www.great-lakes.org/lk_tourn.html , our sport shows page is at http://www.great-lakes.org/sports_shows.html  and club profiles - a 1/2 page web site - are listed by state or province at http://www.great-lakes.org/profiles.html

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