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GLIN==> National Conservation Leaders in Madison, WI, Oct. 4-7

Posted on behalf of Gail Kohl <gmkohl@facstaff.wisc.edu>


For more information, contact Gail Kohl at 608/263-1692

Conservation leaders from across the continent will celebrate the legacy of
Aldo Leopold and look forward to conservation's next century at a conference
in Madison, Wisconsin, October 4-7, 1999, at the Monona Terrace Community
and Convention Center. The conference, titled "Building on Leopold's Legacy:
Conservation for a New Century," is presented by the Wisconsin Academy of
Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Speakers include Leopold family members; Secretary of Interior Bruce
Babbitt*; Natural Resources Conservation Chief Pearlie Reed; U.S. Forest
Service Chief Michael Dombeck; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Jamie
Rappaport Clark; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Carol
Browner*; National Park Service Director Robert Stanton*; Iowa Department of
Natural Resources Director Paul Johnson; Theodore Roosevelt IV; Copper River
Watershed Project (Alaska) Executive Director Dr. Riki Ott; Vice President
for Science at The Nature Conservancy Deborah Jensen*; Abenaki elder Joseph
Bruchac; National Wildlife Federation Director Mark Van Putten; and several
Leopold scholars.(*invited)

The conference recognizes the fiftieth anniversary of Aldo Leopold's A Sand
County Almanac and Sketches Here and There. The essays on natural history
and conservation philosophy outlined Leopold's land ethic, which has become
a foundation of conservation practice and policy today.

The core of the conference is 48 working sessions examining cutting-edge
cases of community-based conservation projects from around North America.
Topics range from watershed protection to urban sprawl to public lands
management and will explore challenges that conservation now faces in areas
such as environmental justice and education.

For those not able to attend the conference in person, a variety of offsite
participation opportunities are available. The conference website
(http://www.wisc.edu/wisacad/landethic/) contains electronic forums for
dialogue on topics to be discussed at the conference. In addition, portions
of the conference will be broadcast live via satellite and over the

The conference organizers would like to broaden the opportunity for dialogue
on community-based conservation projects through a series of regional
conferences at sites across the country. These regional conferences would be
held in conjunction with the main conference, with agendas tailored to
address local and regional issues and needs. If you would like more
information on these regional conferences, or are interested in helping to
host a regional conference, please visit the conference website for more

For descriptions of working sessions, field trips, and special events, a
complete conference agenda, information on offsite participation
opportunities, and registration information, visit the Conference website:

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