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GLIN==> Storm of Protest

Posted on behalf of Frank Koehn <fkoehn@win.bright.net>

Bay Area North Guard
P.O. Box 422
Washburn, WI 54891

News Release

There is no Independence from Coal Tar - Storm of protest in Ashland...

The 4th of July festivities on the lake shore in Ashland were overwhelmed
this year by torrential rain and high winds.  The big event for local
residents and visitors to the area was not the expected fireworks. Instead
they were treated to an awesome display of nature's power over Lake
Superior as deafening thunder and lightening forced onlookers to take
shelter in their cars and nearby buildings.

Before the electrical storm unleashed its full force, those gathered by the
shoreline were also charmed by a resounding bell tolling by the water's
edge in front of the Cheguamegon Hotel.  The bell, the S.S. Resonance, had
been taken to the lake shore for the Protect the Water Gathering (PTW), an
international gathering of Lake Superior residents. PTW is concerned about
the carcinogenic Coal Tar, which is oozing beneath the surface of the
ground and the water near a recreational area. This Coal Tar is a
by-product resulting from the coal gasification process used to make coal
gas. (Coal gas was used to power the gaslights in the City of Ashland.)
Coal Tar is now a threat to life in and around Lake Superior as researchers
have found carcinogenic polycylclic hydrocarbons in fish in the area that
exceed by many times the legal limit in sediment and soil.

The PTW included representatives from the Great Lakes Indigenous
Environmental Network (from both Canada and the US), Lake Superior
Alliance, Midwest Treaty Network, Protect the Earth and locally based Bay
Area North Guard (BANG).  Anishinaabe tribal members from communities in
Ontario and Minnesota joined Bad River Ogitchidaa in a 'Community Alert'
action to warn local residents to be very careful when recreating on
Ashland's lakefront and Kerher Park area and consuming fish caught in these

 PTW participants joined BANG in calling for:
        1. A complete clean-up  plan for  the coal tar site leaving no
contamination for generations to come.
        2 . A remediation plan that includes the long term perspective for
lake front planning and development.
        3. EPA to review the contamination on Ashland's lakefront.
        4. A plan that recognizes that not only  is Lake Superior the
world's largest source of fresh water, but is also spiritually important to
many of our friends and neighbors.

Additionally, PTW participants were very concerned that tribal governments
are not equally recognized by the Department of Natural Resources. PTW
participants are demanding a government to government involvement between
tribes and the State of Wisconsin.

Bay Area North Guard will intensify efforts and share our concerns about
the health of the region's water resources and the Ashland Coal Tar
remediation plan.

Bay Area North Guard Contact Person:

Frank K. Koehn
P.O Box 3
Herbster,WI 54844-0003

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