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GLIN==> Renewable Energy Fair Interviews & Press Release

Posted on behalf of Tom Stanton <tstanton@ermisweb.cis.state.mi.us>

This year's GLREA energy fair is especially important due to the ongoing
concern about tight power supplies around the Midwest and in the state of
Michigan. The recent very hot weather and resulting peaks in energy use are
straining Michigan's electric power system. Various states in the U.S. are
experiencing rolling brownouts and blackouts, as utility companies try to
keep up with growing demand; especially for air conditioning.

The products and services on display at the fair can improve the value and
lower the energy cost for Michigan homes and businesses, while adding
comfort and convenience. Visitors to the fair can learn many ways to better
manage their energy use and reduce their vulnerability to energy service

Joe Ross, GLREA
(517) 694-8280, cell. (517) 281-3069
Tom Stanton
(517) 334-6264

For release Thursday July 29, 1999
Renewable Energy Fair Comes to Lansing

WHO:  The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, which is non-profit
organization that educated, advocates, promotes and demonstrates renewable
energy technologies.

WHAT:  The fifth annual Renewable Energy Fair presenting many activities on
renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency for your home and
business. The FREE fair includes demonstrations and displays by vendors of
renewable energy products and services, about two-dozen seminars and
workshops, and a large array of fun, educational hands-on activities for
kids. Children's events include an environmental magic show, solar
calculator challenge, live Perigrine Falcon demonstrations, sing-alongs,
and more.  There is an electric and alternative-fuel vehicle display
featuring cars and trucks that run on electricity, ethanol,  natural gas,
and even solar power. There will be panel discussions on Y2K (Friday, 1
p.m. at LCC) and Electric Utility Restructuring (Saturday, 4:30 p.m. at
LCC).  The keynote speaker is Alan Weisman, veteran journalist and author
of the uplifting book, "Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World."
Weisman will bring slides from this village in Columbia, South America,
where 5,000 people have created a thriving oasis based on locally developed
renewable energy technologies and sustainable agriculture practices.

Keynote Speaker Alan Weisman is available for telephone interviews ahead of
time, and may be available Friday morning and early afternoon.  Telephone
Weisman directly to do a telephone interview up until Thursday morning.
Contact Joe Ross or Tom Stanton (see above) to schedule interviews in
Lansing area.
      Alan Weisman
      P.O. Box 1228   Sonoita, Arizona 85637   USA
      phone: 520-455-5395   fax: 520-455-5389
      Email: alanw@compuserve.com / aweisman@dakotacom.net

      Weisman's book, Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, can be
previewed at
      Weisman's forthcoming book, An Echo In My Blood, will be published
this fall
      by Harcourt Brace, Inc.

WHEN:  August 6, 7 and 8, 1999. 9am-5pm Friday August 6, with Keynote
Speech 5:30-7:30 at LCC's Dart Auditorium.  9a-7p on Saturday. 9a-5p on

WHERE:   Riverfront Park and Lansing Community College, in Lansing, MI

WHY:   Based on national estimates, the energy improvements made since the
"energy crisis" days of the late 1970s and early 80s are presently saving
Michigan residents and businesses approximately $10 billion dollars a year.
Still, national estimates suggest Michigan has the opportunity to save an
additional $7.5 billion annually with new cost-effective technologies --
many of which are made and sold in Michigan. The fair educates people on
the many opportunities in renewable energy and gives area families an
activity that is educational and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  For
more information, check out the GLREA web page at

Tom Stanton <tstanton@ermisweb.cis.state.mi.us>
voice 517-334-6264

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