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GLIN==> Celebrate the legacy of Aldo Leopold

Posted on behalf of Don Howlett <dhowlett/r9_hiawatha@fs.fed.us>



Conservation leaders from across the continent will celebrate the legacy of
Aldo Leopold and look forward to conservation's next century at a conference
in Madison, Wisconsin, October 4-7, 1999, at the Monona Terrace Community
and Convention Center. The conference, titled "Building on Leopold's Legacy:
Conservation for a New Century," is presented by the Wisconsin Academy of
Sciences, Arts and Letters.

For those not able to attend the conference in person, a variety of offsite
participation opportunities are available. The conference website
http://www.wisc.edu/wisacad/landethic/ contains electronic forums for
dialogue on topics to be discussed at the conference and information on
portions of the conference to be broadcast live via satellite and over the

The conference sponsors are asking you to organize a local event that can
tie into the conference while exploring conservation efforts close to home.
This event would broaden the opportunity for dialogue on community-based
conservation projects and innovative collaborations.  It can be as simple or
elaborate as you would like to make it.  For example,

several individuals can get together to view and discuss the conference

your organization can serve as a site for your organization and/or the
public to view conference broadcasts, or

you can host a more elaborate event, and include activities such as guest
speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.

The format and agenda are up to you, the organizers, to decide, and can be
tailored to meet your issues, opportunities, and needs.

Support provided to local events by the main conference

We're available to help you make your event a success.  Some examples of the
type of support we may be able to provide include:

* providing technical support for access to the satellite and webcast

* advertising your event on our website (if the event is open to the

* providing suggestions on locations, co-hosts, agendas, and speakers,

* posting copies of your local event presentations and discussion
summarieson our web site,

* making information from your event available to those attending the
conference in Madison, and

* providing access to question and answer sessions during main conference

These are only a few examples of the type of support we may be able to

For more information

If you're hosting a local event, or might be interested in hosting one but
would like more information, we'd like to hear from you.  For more
information, please contact:

Don Howlett - US Forest Service

Phone: 906-786-4062       E-mail: dhowlett/r9_hiawatha@fs.fed.us

For descriptions of working sessions, field trips, and special events, a
complete conference agenda, information on offsite participation
opportunities, and registration information, visit the conference website:


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