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GLIN==> Ohio Sea Grant publications available

New Publications from Ohio Sea Grant

The Ohio Sea Grant College Program based at The Ohio State University produces and distributes many publications and journal articles that are based on Sea Grant sponsored research, education, and extension projects. Listed below are new publications. Please review and forward this list to any appropriate individuals.

Ordering Information: Send your requests to the address below or e-mail your order to publications at cruickshank.3@osu.edu. Include the publication title and the item number. Publications are free unless noted otherwise. If a price is indicated, prepayment by check or money order (payable to The Ohio State University) must be included. Prices include shipping and handling.

Ohio Sea Grant Publications
1314 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH 43212-1194

For a list of previously published articles request either the "Technical Publications Brochure" or the "Publications Brochure" (which list items for educators and the general public).

All publications are also available on a loan basis through the:

National Sea Grant Depository
University of Rhode Island-Bay Campus
Pell Library Bldg.
Narragansett, RI 02882
(401) 874-6539
(401) 874-6160 (fax)


B-055 Lake Erie Programs at the Ohio State University: Ohio Sea Grant, F.T. Stone Laboratory, CLEAR, GLAERC


GS-019 Western Lake Erie waterfront guide to public waterfront access, charter fishing, marinas & boating excursions. 1999 (revised edition).

Public Relations/Newsletters

NewsWaves: A Sea Grant Extension Newsletter for Economic Development and Environmental Enhancement. Mary Bielen, ed. (contact the Ohio Sea Grant office for a sample copy). (This is issue #2)

Twine Line: The educational newsletter of Ohio Sea Grant, covering issues, events, and research related to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes. Bi-monthly newsletter/$4.50 per year (6 issues). (contact the Ohio Sea Grant office for a sample copy).

PR-006 Lake Erie Programs at The Ohio State University: Media Coverage January - June 1999. 1999. On loan from depository only.

Journal Reprints

RS-235 Artificial reefs in Lake Erie; Biological impact of habitat alteration. 1999. Dave Kelch, Fred Snyder, Jeff Reutter
RS-236 The economic value of the Lorain County, Ohio, artificial reef. 1999. Leroy Hushak, Dave Kelch, Sophia Glenn
RS-237 Genetic structure of Quadrula: Little variation across large distances. 1998. David Berg, Emily Cantonwine, Walter Hoeh, Sheldon Guttman
RS-238 Effects of recent ecosystem changes on the recruitment of young-of-the-year fish in western Lake Erie. 1998. Gouthaman Gopalan, David Culver, Lin Wu, Bruce Trauben

Technical Bulletins

TB-038 Franz Theodore Stone Laboratory: 1998 Program Summary. 1999. $5.00
TB-039 The value of day trips to Lake Erie beaches. 1999. Brent Sohngen, Frank Lichtkoppler, Mary Bielen. $2.00

Technical Summaries

TS-027 Outdoor recreation at Lake Erie. 1999. Jorge Vilaplana, Leroy Hushak. $1.50
TS-028 Zebra mussel control costs in surface water using facilities. 1999. Jaemin Park, Leroy Hushak. $1.50
TS-029 Lake Erie geographic information system: Bathymetry, substrates, mussels CD-ROM. 1999. Melissa Haltuch, Paul Berkman. $10.00

Thank you for your interest in our publications.

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