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GLIN==> Upcoming Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council Meeting; September 22; Milwaukee,WI

		Wednesday, September 22
		10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
		Hilton Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In conjunction with the International Joint Commission's 1999 Biennial
Forum, the Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council will be holding
it's first official meeting on Wednesday, September 22.  The Council
responds to the need for enhanced coordination, communication and data
management among the many agencies and organizations that conduct or benefit
from environmental monitoring efforts in the Lake Michigan basin.  The
Council will provide a forum for identifying gaps and establishing
monitoring priorities; exchanging information; and forming partnerships.  In
so doing, the Council will result in cost-saving efficiencies for all

The Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council is being developed and
staffed by the Great Lakes Commission with financial support from the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's Lake Michigan Team.  The Great Lakes
Commission, a membership organization of the Great Lakes states, promotes
sound public policy on issues of regional environmental protection and
resource management through information sharing, policy research and
development and regional advocacy.

At this first meeting, the Council is soliciting participation from the
broad community who have a stake in monitoring the ecological health of the
Lake Michigan basin.  Specifically, the Council is soliciting nominations
from several open categories laid out in the draft charter.  These open
membership categories include Tribal Authorities/Associations; Local
Volunteer/Environmental Groups; Business, Industry, or Consultants; and
Local Government/Planning Agencies.  If you can suggest a relevant person
from one of these general groups who may be interested in participating on
the Council, please contact Ric Lawson at the Great Lakes Commission by
e-mail (rlawson@glc.org) or phone (734-665-9135).  The Council will also
include membership from relevant state and federal agencies and universities
within the basin.

The Sept. 22 meeting will introduce the purpose and role of the Council;
review the Council's background and related efforts (e.g., National Water
Quality Monitoring Council); review and approve the draft charter; establish
council operating procedures; form workgroups; identify priorities and
activities for the council; and identify additional entities that should be
invited as council members or interested parties.  A complete agenda for the
meeting will be produced shortly.

For a copy of the Council's background sheet and draft charter or for
further information about the meeting or the Lake Michigan Monitoring
Coordination Council in general, please contact Ric Lawson or Matt Doss
(mdoss@glc.org) at the Great Lakes Commission.

     Ric Lawson
     Great Lakes Commission
     Argus II Building
     400 Fourth St.
     Ann Arbor, MI  48103-4816
     Ph: 734-665-9135
     Fax: 734-665-4370