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GLIN==> Great Lakes Fishery Trust Awards $1.6 Million in Grants

		August 19, 1999
CONTACTS: Jack D. Bails, 517/371-7468
			Great Lakes Fishery Trust
Jim Goodheart, 517/371-1041
Michigan United Conservation Clubs

LANSING— The Great Lakes Fishery Trust (GLFT) recently awarded grants totaling nearly $1.6 million for Great Lakes fisheries research projects.  The trust also awarded small grants for fisheries research development.

The trust was established by a legal settlement in 1996 to mitigate fish losses at the Ludington Pumped Storage Facility, which is jointly owned by Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison. 

The GLFT selected seven research projects from forty-nine applications submitted in January by research organizations across the nation.  Projects were screened for technical merit by a team of scientific experts and selected based on their contribution to improvement of the Great Lakes fisheries.

		The latest grant awards were made to

		·	Purdue University to research trout and salmon abundance, reproduction and harvest in the Muskegon River;
·	United States Department of the Interior, Western Research Center received two grants to study bacterial kidney disease and immune responses. Kidney disease is a major cause of mortality in trout and salmon stocked in the Great Lakes;
·	University of Michigan Cooperative Institute of Limnology and Ecosystems Research to examine the implications of the decline of invertebrate food sources on fish diet, growth, and food web dynamics in southeast Lake Michigan;
·	Illinois State Natural History Survey to research the mechanisms affecting  recent declines of yellow perch in Lake Michigan
·	United States Department of the Interior, Lower Great Lakes Fishery Research Office to host a workshop on lake sturgeon genetics as a part of a regional effort to rehabilitate this species; and
·	University of Wisconsin  - Milwaukee to co-sponsor the 4th International Symposium on Sturgeon.

Jim Goodheart, Executive Director of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and a member of the GLFT Board of Trustees, in announcing these grants said, "These fisheries research projects provide further evidence of the success of the GLFT.  Since its inception, the trust has provided over 7.8 million dollars in grants to non-profit conservation organizations and governmental entities for new Great Lakes fisheries research, access, education, and habitat improvement.  Many of the projects have already produced valuable fisheries benefits to the residents and visitors to the Great Lakes that otherwise would not have been possible."
The GLFT Board of Trustees includes representatives from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Attorney General of the State of Michigan, U.S. Department of the Interior, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, National Wildlife Federation, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, and the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians.

Earlier this year the GLFT made grants of over $3.5 million for new fishing access, Great Lakes education, and fisheries rehabilitation.

The GLFT expects to make annual grants for similar Great Lakes fisheries projects over the next twenty years with income generated from investments made with the settlement dollars and annual payments from the utility companies for unavoidable fish losses at the Ludington hydroelectric pump/storage facility.

		Additional information about the GLFT can be found on the Website, at www.glft.org

		·	Purdue University
	Salmonid Spawning Stock Abundance, Recruitment and Exploitation in the Muskegon River
	Contact: Doran Mason (765) 494-3603

	Quantify salmonid spawning mass, smolt migration and recruitment and those factors (e.g., habitat) controlling recruitment.

		·	Illinois Natural History Survey
		Mechanisms Affecting Recruitment of Yellow Perch in Lake Michigan ($360,000)
	Contact: John Dettmers (847) 872-8677

	Research the factors controlling the recruitment of Yellow Perch in Lake Michigan.
		·	Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research		
	Effects of Diporeia Declines on Fish Diet, Growth and Food Web Dynamics in Southeast Lake Michigan ($276,868)
			Contact: Stephen Brandt (734) 741-2244

	Relate potential differences in fish diet and food web dynamics between St. Joseph and Little Sable Pointe to recent declines in diporeia (an invertebrate food source).
		·	US Department of the Interior * Western Fisheries Research Center
	Studies on the Detection, Transmission and Development of Renibacterium salmoninarum Infections in Great Lakes Salmonid Fishes ($267,050)
	Contact: Ronald Pascho (206) 526-6588

	Laboratory research will compare diagnostic methods for bacterial kidney disease, and investigate the effects of hatchery practices on the transmission of the pathogen and the development of the disease.
		·	US Department of the Interior * Western Fisheries Research Center	
	Characterization of the Humoral and Cellular Responses to Renibacterium salmoninarum (kidney disease bacteria) ($332,114)
	Contact: Ronald Pascho (206) 526-6588

	Study how salmon respond to the kidney disease bacteria.  The project involves characterizing the immune response of Chinook salmon to different strains of the bacteria under controlled laboratory conditions.  Research will also characterize the immune response of Chinook salmon during the development of bacterial kidney disease.
		·	US Department of the Interior * Lower Great Lakes Fishery Research Office	
	Lake Sturgeon Genetics Standardization Workshop ($6,800)
	Contact: Chris Lowie (716) 691-5456

	Coordinating and hosting a 1-2 day workshop on standardizing genetic identification of various lake sturgeon populations during November-December 1999 in central Michigan.  

		·	University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
	4th International Symposium on Sturgeon ($25,000)
Contact: Fred Binkowski (414) 382-1700

Co-sponsor the 4th International Symposium on Sturgeon to be held in Wisconsin in July 2001. 

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