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GLIN==> Water Information Summit, Oct. 3-6


Status, Challenges, and Future Opportunities of Internet-Based
Supporting Sustainable Water Resources Management

Doubletree Guest Suites Galleria Hotel
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

October 3-6, 1999


The first  "Water on the Web" meeting of water and environmental
professionals was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on October 24th and
25th in 1998.  The purpose of this meeting was to assess how well common

water resources information needs are being met through the application
Internet-based communications and to identify actions that will improve
cooperation and collaboration among Web site content developers and the
users of water resources information.  One of the recommendations of the

meeting called for a convocation of a larger meeting of professionals
create, use, and/or are affected by water information to broaden the
of the issues discussed at the first meeting.  Specifically,
in the Water Information Summit will identify the existing information,
accuracy, credibility, adequacy, and quality for current and future
decision making needs; define what gaps exist in meeting the water
information needs of the Americas; and identify how and by whom these
 can be best addressed to avoid redundancy and to create new, more
efficient modes of operation to benefit all.  The combination of
information users and information managers attending the meeting should
create a basis for continued dialogue in the future.  While most forums
have included discussions of information issues as an after-thought,
Summit focuses total attention on those information issues as the

Summit Objectives

This Summit is focused primarily on the role of knowledge and
management in meeting the global water crisis.  While there will be some

keynote presentations and succinct presentations of selected information

management activities, the meeting participants will define the current
state-of-the-art of information management, identify gaps between what
users need and suppliers can provide, and establish strategies to create

the infrastructure necessary to bring about the desired futures.
objectives of the Summit are the following:
 To exchange water resources management related information among water

information managers, users, and providers
 To assess the current state-of-the-art of information management
 To identify and prioritize critical gaps and overlaps between
users and information providers
 To identify opportunities for collaboration between networks,
organizations, and institutions
 To develop strategic actions that would form the basis for fundable
projects and programs or that can be undertaken through international


The Summit meeting is designed for water information specialists, water
information systems designers, GIS specialists, Webmasters, managers,
policy specialists, and other water information users.  Information
will learn about new sources of water information and plans in progress
designing and implementing new information systems.  Information
specialists will learn of user needs in obtaining information that can
used for decision making.  Website designers will learn how they can
provide and communicate water-related information to end users (managers

and decision makers) through the Internet more effectively.

Complete information can be found on the WaterWeb site:

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