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GLIN==> Great Lakes Fishery Commission Receives Prestigious William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award

For Immediate Release						
September 14, 1999							
Contact:  Marc Gaden
734-662-3209 x. 14

Great Lakes Fishery Commission Receives Prestigious
William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award

American Fisheries Society: "Through the Commission's efforts, the Great
Lakes fishery resource prevails"

Ann Arbor, MI-The American Fisheries Society (AFS) recently presented the
prestigious William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award to the Great Lakes
Fishery Commission for outstanding achievements in coordinating the
conservation and management of Great Lakes fishery resources.  In presenting
this award, AFS lauded the Commission for serving as "a model for
large-scale conservation and rehabilitation of fisheries ecosystems through
its accomplishments in managing sea lamprey, coordinating fishery research
and management, and providing the overarching umbrella which keeps multiple
jurisdictions working together toward shared goals."  Commissioner Roy Stein
accepted the Ricker award during AFS' recent annual meeting in Charlotte,
North Carolina.

"Many of the Commission's accomplishments deserve special recognition by
AFS," the Society noted.  "Through facilitating the [Joint Strategic Plan
for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries], the Commission provides guidance
at the policy level and a neutral, resource-oriented forum in which mutually
beneficial programs could be developed.  The Commission's sponsorship of sea
lamprey control research has resulted in multiple methods of control and the
development of an integrated management program that will reduce our
dependence on lampricides.  Many of us have also benefited from the
Commission's excellent series of technical reports, publications, and
symposia . . . . Through the Commission's efforts, the Great Lakes fishery
resource prevails." 

	"The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is profoundly gratified to be
recognized by our peers in the American Fisheries Society," said
Commissioner Roy Stein of Ohio State University.  "We are proud of our work
in advancing science, rehabilitating the Great Lakes fishery, and protecting
the resource for future generations.  Being recognized by fellow scientists
and resource managers is an extremely high honor."

	Commission Chairman Burton Ayles, Former Regional Director General
for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, added:  "The Commission is very proud of
its role in Great Lakes fishery management.  The William Ricker Award not
only acknowledges the Commission's particular contributions to the health of
the Great Lakes fishery, but it also recognizes our role in cooperating with
the larger management community.  The Commission views the Ricker award as a
reminder that resource management requires continual hard work and adherence
to sound science."

The American Fisheries Society, founded in 1870, is a professional society
representing fisheries scientists. AFS promotes scientific research and
enlightened management of resources for optimum use and enjoyment by the
public. It also encourages a comprehensive education for fisheries
scientists and continuing on-the-job training.  The William E. Ricker
Resource Conservation Award is presented annually by AFS for accomplishments
in resource conservation that are significant at the U.S., continental, or
international level.  For more information about AFS and the Ricker Award,
visit www.fisheries.org on the Internet.

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is an international organization
established by the governments of the United States and Canada through the
1955 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries.  The Commission has the
responsibility to coordinate fisheries research, control sea lampreys, and
facilitate implementation of the Joint Strategic Plan for Management of
Great Lakes Fisheries. For more information about the Commission and its
programs, visit www.glfc.org on the Internet.


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