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GLIN==> Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 20 September 1999

     The Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition on Thursday, September
23, will hold a press conference highlighting the importance of the
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  Coalition
members, including co-chair Jim Jeffords (R-VT), will release a poll,
conducted by the Campaign to Keep America Warm, that demonstrates
broad national support for the LIHEAP program.

     The press conference on September 23 will begin at 2:30 pm in
the Senate radio/tv gallery within the U.S. Capitol.

     CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor, Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition

     Leaders of the Great Lakes Task Forces last week wrote to the
United States Trade Representative in order to ensure that
international trade agreements do not interfere with long-term
protection of the Great Lakes, and state authority to ensure it.

     Led by Senate Task Force co-chairs, Senators Carl Levin (D-MI)
and Mike DeWine (R-OH), the letter expressed concern about the extent
to which trade agreements may have the effect of shifting authority
over water use decisions away from the states in the Great Lakes
region.  The letter, signed by 28 lawmakers, also requested a meeting
with the trade representative.

     CONTACTS:  Allegra Cangelosi, Northeast-Midwest Institute (544-
5200) or Jennifer Merrill, Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition (224-

     The Modernization Forum, NIST Manufacturing Extension
Partnership, and the National Association of Manufacturers on Tuesday
and Wednesday, September 21-22, are sponsoring the 1999 National
Manufacturing Summit.  The Tuesday evening reception and Wednesday
conference will highlight the challenges and opportunities facing
America's small manufacturers.

     The Northeast-Midwest Institute contributed papers to the
conference, which will be held in the Ronald Reagan Building in
Washington, D.C.

     More information can be obtained from 703/905-9838.

     Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) and Jim Jeffords (R-VT),
co-chairs of the Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition, last week
distributed a new report showing that the Environmental Protection
Agency's sulfur standard will have a significantly lower cost than
initially anticipated.  The study was performed for the American
Petroleum Institute by MathPro Inc.

     The senators noted that sulfur in gasoline acts as a poison to
the catalytic converter, preventing the removal of dangerous
emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and
other pollutants.  They encouraged co-sponsorship of the Clean
Gasoline Act (S. 171) in order to reduce gasoline's sulfur content.

     CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor, Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition

     The Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee on Wednesday,
September 22, will hold an oversight hearing on the Tennessee Valley
Authority in order to investigate embarrassing reports of agency
mismanagement.  The General Accounting Office last week found that
TVA management threatened the independence of the agency's Inspector
General.  Recent newspaper stories also have revealed that TVA is
spending millions of dollars on consultants, some of whom charge $435
per hour, to investigate TVA's critics and to schedule the agency's
chairman for speeches across the country.  The GAO previously
released a study charging that TVA's plan to reduce its massive debt
is based on unreasonable assumptions.

     CONTACT:  Dick Munson at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (544-

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