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GLIN==> IAGLR launches a re-designed web site

Posted on behalf of Joseph DePinto <depinto@eng.buffalo.edu>

Announcement from International Association for Great Lakes Research


I am very pleased to announce the unveiling of the new, improved IAGLR
web site. Point your browser to http://www.iaglr.org/ and have a look
around. The new web site is the result of the hard work of an ad-hoc web
site committee, appointed by your Board of Directors, and the considerable
talents of our web site design experts at Loracs Creations, Inc. The
web site contains valuable information on next year's IAGLR conference,
our world-class journal, and the many scholarships and awards sponsored
by your association, to name just a few items. A 2nd call for papers for
IAGLR 2000 is coming soon, and will invite you to use the web site to submit
your abstract.

As you know, IAGLR is dedicated to the promotion and communication of
research on large lakes, particularly the North American Great Lakes.
The IAGLR Board feels that our new web site will provide an important
addition to the two primary communication tools we presently use: our
conference and our journal. To that end we have established a "Hot
Topics" area and a "Research Highlights" page in the site. Hot Topics can be
accessed from the home page and from the "Hot Topics" link at the top of
subsequent pages, while Research Highlights" can be found under our "The
link. We hope to keep these areas up to date with brief summaries of and
to information on exciting new developments in Great Lakes research. We
encourage all our members to submit ideas for these areas of our web

And there's more. We have put together an IAGLR FAQ, particularly for
visitors to our site that our unfamiliar with the association. There
is lots of information on the association (see "About Us"), including
our history, by-laws, and the current directors and committee chairs. You
can submit an announcement to this list-serv, or update your list-serv
information ("Membership" - "IAGLR-List"). We have also added a site
map and a search engine to assist you in quickly locating specific
information about IAGLR. And so on.

Like all good web sites, ours is a work in progress. During the next
few months we will be improving our time-sensitive site components, such
as the research highlights, adding more graphics, and updating the
conference pages as more details on IAGLR 2000 arrangements become
Further down the road we will be investigating e-commerce options, so
that you can renew your membership and register for the upcoming conference

I am really excited that IAGLR has made this important step forward. I
would love to hear your comments on the site, especially suggestions
for improvements or other features we should consider adding. You can
contact me at president@iaglr.org .

Keep that great (lakes) science coming!

Michael Jones
President, International Association for Great Lakes Research
Associate Professor
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
13 Natural Resources Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  USA

Voice (517)-432-0465
FAX (517)-432-1699
E-Mail  jonesm30@pilot.msu.edu
IAGLR web site: http:\\www.iaglr.org

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