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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 11/1/99

Pay a visit to GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net> to check out these new

--->>Site of the Month for November:
The GreenWorks Channel: http://www.greenworkschannel.org/
Pennsylvania's GreenWorks Channel hosts the largest collection of
environmental video programming on the Web, covering a wide selection of
subjects including recycling, water conservation, land use and air
quality. One of the channel's first live events will be the Nov. 30
presentation of the Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence. This
video "webcast" will feature Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge awarding more
than 50 organizations and companies who have excelled in their
environmental performance. The GreenWorks Channel builds upon the
success of the GreenWorks for Pennsylvania television program. Both are
productions of the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania, a nonprofit
organization. GreenWorksChannel.org is
produced in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection and JPL Productions. Subscribe to GreenWorks
<http://www.greenworkschannel.org/subscribe/index.htm> to receive
updates on the site's constantly changing lineup of videos and new

If your agency is interested in being GLIN Site of the Month, see
http://www.great-lakes.net/sitemont.html for more details.

--->>Updated Great Lakes hunting, fishing and trapping regulations:
Includes the latest fishing reports, charter listings, laws, and license
and permit information.

Enhanced web site!
--->>International Association for Great Lakes Research:
A membership organization, IAGLR is dedicated to the promotion and
dissemination of multidisciplinary research on North America's
Laurentian Great Lakes and other large lakes of the world.

Second Call for Papers (Due by Dec. 15):
IAGLR 2000
Great Lakes, Great Rivers 2000-A vision for tomorrow
May 21-26, 2000
Cornwall, Ontario

--->>Workshops for Great Lakes teachers:
If you're a Great Lakes educator, take advantage of this professional
development series organized by the Center for Great Lakes Environmental
Education. The current workshop schedule runs through Nov. 17, 1999.

--->>New regional tourism resources on GLIN
Arts and Entertainment: http://www.great-lakes.net/tourism/arts.html
State and provincial resource listings, casinos, music and more

Museums: http://www.great-lakes.net/tourism/museums.html
Virtual tours of the region's finest museums and art galleries

Festivals: http://www.great-lakes.net/tourism/fest.html
Sampling of fall happenings through December

For daily updates on Great Lakes web offerings, visit the "What's New"
section on GLIN <http://www.great-lakes.net/navigate/new.html>

Christine Manninen
GLIN Webmaster
Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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