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GLIN==> Conference on the Impacts of Fish Stocking in the Great Lakes

Posted on behalf of Jennifer Nalbone <jen@glu.org>

********************************************************Taking Stock of our
                          A Conference on the Impacts of Fish Stocking in
the Great Lakes

                                   When: December 5, 1999 9-5:30pm
              Where: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers Cityfront Center,
Superior Room, Chicago, IL.
                       Held in conjunction with the Midwest Fish and
Wildlife Conference.

 Purpose: To examine and discuss the pros and cons of fish stocking issues,
including the topics of genetics and disease,
  aquatic community ecology, management of native and non-native species,
and social/economic/cultural impacts. The
 Taking Stock conference will provide participants with an extensive
'tool-packet' of articles, facts, visual aides, references
 and contacts, to be used to educate, take action and participate in policy
making decisions around the Great Lakes Basin.

                             Sponsors: Great Lakes United and Trout

Taking Stock Conference Agenda:
Sunday, December 5th

8:30am Sign-in and Continental Breakfast

9:00am Opening Remarks

Each of the following five presentations will include a period for questions
and answers:

9:15am Introduction and Historical Overview of the Great Lakes Fisheries
Dr. Mart Gross, Professor of Zoology, University of Toronto

9:45am Genetics & Disease
To examine concepts of population fitness (inbreeding, loss of genetic
diversity, inadequate culling), fish health implications
(selection for pathogen virulence, disease transmission) and outbreeding
depression due to stocking.
John Epifano, Ecological Genetics Laboratory, Virginia Commonwealth

10:45am Break

11:00am Aquatic Community Ecology
To examine aquatic community regulation (connectivity, feedbacks and
biological control).
Dr. J. Ellen Marsden, School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont

12:00pm Break for Lunch (lunch not provided)

1:00pm Management (Native & Non-native species)
To examine the risks of current and alternative management strategies and
the impacts of managing for native and
non-native species.
Dr. Michael Jones, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State

2:00 pm Social/Economic/Cultural Impacts
To examine public expectations (unrealistic expectations from natural
systems, development of economic dependence on
public agencies), public values and beliefs, economics (cost, reliability,
diversion of effort from conservation) and the value
of restoration/rehabilitation/ reintroduction of native fish communities.
Paul Jones, Chippewa of Nawash, Band Councilor,
Commercial Fisherman

3:00pm Break/ A la Carte

After the afternoon break, participants will break into five discussion
groups, each focused on a Great Lake: Superior,
Huron, Michigan, Erie or Ontario

3:15pm Lake Breakout Sessions
Five concurrent sessions, each focusing on a specific Great Lake, will
provide an opportunity to discuss Lake Fish
Community Objectives and actual stocking practices, species and
concentrations occurring in each lake. Each group will
record ways in which stocking practices achieve the FCO's, and/or possible
ways to realign stocking with the FCO's.
Facilitators will be members of each Lake's FCO Committee.

4:30pm Discussion of Breakout Session and Action Items Achievements of FCO's
and recommendations for stocking
alignment will be recorded. Opportunities for public participation in
stocking policy will be discussed. Participants or
organizations interested in holding a regional Taking Stock conference on
their home lake will be identified.

5:30pm Closing Remarks


The conference is being held in conjunction with the Midwest Fish and
Wildlife Conference, at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel
& Towers Cityfront Center, located in downtown Chicago, IL. A block of
double occupancy hotel rooms has been reserved
at the Sheraton under Great Lakes United's name for the night of Saturday,
December 4, 1999, at a rate of 103.00$ plus
tax. Call the Sheraton at (312) 329-5803. If you are attending alone and
would like a room assignment, call Great Lakes
United at (716) 886-0142. These rooms are being held till November 29th.


The Taking Stock registration fee is $25 US/ $30 Canadian. This includes
coffee/continental breakfast, afternoon break and
the conference 'tool-packet', including a Taking Stock proceedings with
presentation articles and synopsis of the Lake
Breakout Sessions. By pre-registering, you are guaranteed the conference
'tool-packet' and will receive an electronic
pre-conference white paper and copy of the Fish Community Objectives for the
Lake breakout session you plan to attend.

Please RSVP by November 19, 1999!

Questions? For more information or to register by phone: call Great Lakes
United at (716)-886-0142

To register by email: cut and paste the information below and send to

To register by mail or fax:  print out the information below and send to:
Jennifer Nalbone, Great Lakes United,
Buffalo State College, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222 or fax (716)

Name: ___________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________
Organization: _____________________________
Telephone: _______________________________
Email: ____________________________________

Payment by Visa, MC or check
CC# and expiration ________________________

Which Lake Breakout Session would you like to attend? Superior, Michigan,
Huron, Erie or Ontario?

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