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GLIN==> Urgent Action Alert on Landmark LWCF - CARA Compromise

Posted on behalf of Richard Spotts <spotts@ncis.net>



Dear Conservationists:

If you have not already done so, please read the forwarded documents below.
They describe an unprecedented opportunity!   To achieve
enactment of a recently announced compromise on landmark Congressional
conservation funding legislation.

This compromise was reached by the sponsors of the two principle House
bills:  "The Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999" a.k.a.
CARA (H.R. 701) and the "Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000"
a.k.a. Resources 2000 (H.R. 798).   The compromise
would provide enormous conservation funding benefits, including the long
awaited and overdue goal of obtaining reliable, greatly increased,
and permanent funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

The following three documents provide more detailed information on the
compromise and what YOU can do to support it.  In order, these
documents consist of:  the news release from the House Committee on
Resources;  an Action Alert from Peter McKeever, Midwest
Outreach Coordinator for Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation; and
another follow-up Action Alert from Tom St. Hilaire, also with
Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation.

Apologies for any cross-postings as well as the unusual length and
complexity of this E-mail's forwarded information.  But this historic
opportunity deserves it.  There has already been so much hard work to get to
this point.  And there are so many great conservation
benefits at stake.  Conservationists simply cannot "afford" to let up!

Please do whatever and as much as you can.  And quickly!  Even one phone
call, sent E-mail, or faxed letter will help.

Many, many thanks for your consideration.


Richard Spotts, Director
Green Onion Resource Center

Committee on Resources
U.S. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), Chairman
U.S. House of Representatives - Website address:
Contact: Steve Hansen (Communications Director)
      (202) 225-7749 or Arturo Silva (202) 225-4063

To: National Desk/Environmental Reporter
November 3, 1999

Landmark Conservation & Recreation Legislation Scheduled For Markup;
Bipartisan Compromise Effort Would Merge "Conservation & Reinvestment Act" &
"Resources 2000" Bills

    Washington, D.C. - Landmark legislation which would increase funding
for national conservation and recreation programs and resolve several
inequities regarding the disposition of funds generated from Outer
Continental Shelf (OCS) activities will be marked up by the U.S. House
Committee on Resources next week.

    U.S. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), the Chairman of the Resources
Committee, said the markup will be on compromise legislation drafted by the
sponsors of:
    - "The Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999" (H.R. 701)
    - "Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000" (H.R. 798)

    The markup is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9th or Wednesday,
November 10th, depending on the House schedule.  Young said a draft of the
compromise legislation will be distributed to Members and the public later
today for review.  The new legislation can be accessed at:

    As drafted, the new legislation would provide annual dedicated
funding for the following:
Program                             Annual Funding Level
- Impact Assistance & Coastal Conservation      $1 billion
- Land & Water Conservation Fund Revitalization     $900 million
- Wildlife Conservation & Restoration Fund      $350 million
- Urban Park & Recreation Recovery          $125 million
- Historic Preservation Fund                $100 million
- Federal & Indian Lands Restoration            $200 million
- Conservation Easements & Species Recovery     $150 million
- Payment In-Lieu of Taxes & Refuge Revenue Sharing $200 million

    "This legislation will provide increased funding for habitat and
wildlife conservation programs and urban parks," Young said.  "It also
provide new funding to our coastal states for important programs to protect
coastal ecosystems.  Every state in the nation will benefit from this
historic bill.
    "In the next week, we still have a lot of work to do," Young said.
"This is a good bill but some members may seek amendments.  I'm hopeful that
we can resolve all concerns prior to the markup."

    "This legislation provides unprecedented and permanent support for
America's natural resources," said U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA), senior
Democrat on the Committee.  "As with any complex bill, we have had to
balance many viewpoints to craft this bill.  But the bottom line is that we
have agreed on an historic package that provides permanent protection to our
national resources, and we need to work together to pass it."

    "I want to commend all of the negotiators for reaching agreement on
some very difficult issues," said U.S. Rep. John Dingell (D-MI).  "While a
couple of issues are unresolved, the nation's strong desire for land, water,
and wildlife conservation should encourage the Resources Committee to
approve a good bill next week."

    "It has taken a tremendous effort from all the Members involved to
forge a consensus document that reflects multiple conservation objectives
and concerns," said U.S. Rep. Chris John (D-LA).  "I look forward to working
with the Chairman and the Ranking Member to mark up this historic proposal
through the Committee next week."

    "Our national park system is one of the best ideas that America has
ever had," said U.S. Rep. Bruce Vento (D-MN).  "This bipartisan effort goes
beyond protecting the crown jewels, and empowers local communities to
fulfill the growing demand for park and recreation resources close to home.
Whether it's the need for new soccer fields, wildlife refuges or picnic
areas, this funding will be there to help protect our outstanding national
forests and lands."

    "This bill is the result of bi-partisan efforts to protect our
natural resources for today as well as future generations," said U.S. Rep.
Tom Udall (D-CO).  "I look forward to working with my colleagues to making
this legislation a reality."

    The House Resources Committee has established an email address for
those wishing to express comments on the legislation.  People who would like
to submit comments or recommendations can send them to:  CARA@mail.house.gov

For more information, please check the House Committee on Resources Home
Page at http://www.house.gov/resources/


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