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GLIN==> NEMW/Great Lakes Hill Update - OCS legislation

     Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) markup scheduled for 
     The House Resources Committee is expected to include a major natural 
     resources conservaton bill in a markup session scheduled for 
     Wednesday, November 10, 1 pm (Longworth Building room 1324).  
     Chairman Young (R-AK) is expected to introduce a substitute amendment 
     to H.R. 701 which represents a compromise bill which appears to have 
     strong support by the full committee.  The bill redistributes 
     $2,825,000,000 in Federal revenue generated from leases/royalties from 
     offshore drilling to various natural resource conservation programs.  
     Funding would automatically be passed on to various accounts each 
     year, circumventing the often contentious appropriations process.  Mr. 
     Dingell has been one of the chief proponents on the House side, and 
     has been a leader in the negotiations.
     Programs funded by the H.R. 701/H.R. 798 Compromise bill includes:
     *  $1,000,000,000 to Interior for Coastal impact assistance
     *  support the Land and Water Conservation Fund at $900,000,000
     *  $350,000,000 to aid wildlife using the Pittman-Robertson fund
     *  $125,000,000 to carry out the Urban Parks and Recreation Recovery 
     *  $100,000,000 to the National Historic Preservation Act
     *  $200,000,000 for Federal and Indian Lands through the Sec'y of 
     *  $100,000,000 for Conservation Easements
     *  $50,000,000 for Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery
     The Great Lakes are included as coastal states under the definitions 
     of the Act, making our region eligible for a large piece of the 
     coastal impact assistance title of the bill.  Although a portion of 
     the allocation is based on oil production in waters bordering the 
     state, and the GL are non-producers, shoreline miles and coastal 
     population are included in the allocations- making the Great Lakes a 
     beneficiary of the Impact Assistance title.
     Both the Federal and State LWCF programs (split 50/50) will receive 
     funding in all states.  Federal land acquisition must be from willing 
     sellers and approved by Congress.  The state-side program allocation 
     formula distributes 30% of the funds evenly to all states, the 
     remaining 70% is distributed by state population.  
     Wildlife Conservation and Restoration funds are based on state 
     population (2/3) and land area (1/3) with explicit support for 
     non-game species mentioned in the bill.  
     Urban Parks and Rececration Recovery (UPARR) use of funds is expanded 
     in the bill to include the development of new recreation areas and 
     facilities.  Grants may provide up to 70% of the funding for UPARR 
     The Federal & Indian Lands Restoration title provides dedicated 
     funding for restoration of degraded lands and protection of threatened 
     resources as well as the protection of public health and safety.
     Conservation easements are supported with dedicated funding to promote 
     this mechanism of resource protection.
     Endangered and Threatened Species Recovery supports voluntary programs 
     by small landowners and family farms to take preventative action to 
     protect endangered and threatened species.  Funding is not provided to 
     owners to meet requirements stated in earlier permits under the ESA.
     We will send more updates as action proceeds!!!
     Jennifer Merrill
     Great Lakes Task Force 
     Sea Grant Fellow
     Office of Senator Carl Levin
     459 Senate Russell Building
     Washington, D.C.  20510

     Rochelle Sturtevant
     Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force
     459 Russell Senate Building
     Washington, DC 20510
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